5 Must-Know Jewelry Trends For Fall 2018

What looks “good” is subjective and I guess if we’re being really technical, the rules of fashion don’t really exist. Some people like to stick to what they know and that’s the end of it. (For example, roughly 85% of my wardrobe meets one of the following criteria: teal, coral, or denim since that’s neutral.) However, our society does look up to certain designers and brands to determine what’s in style for the season, so if you want to get with the times and step up your jewelry game for this fall, here are the five crucial additions that you should make to your existing collection.

1. Body Chains


The scoop: This trend is a throwback to ’90s fashion. Body chains are draped across the abdomens, shoulders, and waists of those who wear them and are an unconventional way to add glitter and glamour to your look.

Seen on models for: Gucci, Area, Jacquemus

2. Brooches


The scoop: Yes, you did read that correctly. I promise that brooches aren’t just for grandmas! They’re becoming a fashion statement and don’t have to be gaudy looking; you can get a sparkly one to tie your outfit together with a noticeable piece, or you can go for something simple and sleek.

Seen on models for: Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dres Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana

3. Gold Hoops (Upon Gold Hoops, Upon Gold Hoops)


The scoop: Gold hoops never go out of style, but they’re gaining special attention recently and there are just so many exciting variations of this wardrobe staple. It seems that according to today’s designers, gold hoops should be multi-layered or have an interesting texture. The more, the merrier!

Seen on models for: Y/Project, Louis Vuitton

4. Oversized Chainlink Chokers


The scoop: I remember thinking that chokers were super cool as an eight-year-old, so apparently, elementary school me was super ahead of the times. Chokers have been back in style for several seasons and this fall, you’re going to want to keep your jewelry box stocked with some thick chainlink ones. Oversized chain link choker + florals = the height of fashion.

Seen on models for: Chloé, Balenciaga, Nicopanda, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana

5. Singular Statement Earring


Who says that both sides have to match? Nobody in 2018, that’s who. One of the hot jewelry trends for next fall is to adorn one ear with a large, attention-grabbing “statement” earring and to put a simple stud or nothing at all in the other. Fashion doesn’t have to be neat or symmetrical–let’s get fun with it!

Seen on models for: Chanel, Jacquemus, Roksanda, Dries Van Noten, Prabal Gurung, Carven

Happy shopping!

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