The Most Popular Sneaker Trends That Will Never Die

You could never go wrong with a good pair of shoes. Sneakers, if you will. There is no harm in trying a new sneaker trend. Remember that time you bought that fugly pair of sneakers? Okay, maybe there is.  Over the years, we have been through some hardships with sneakers, such as the ugly shoe phase going on right now. Not only are sneakers the most comfortable out of the shoe group, but they are also the easiest to style with. From a pair of jeans to a mini skirt, you will never go wrong with styling with a good pair of sneakers. The hard part is finding a pair of sneakers that are actually easy to style with. What could be better than a pair of white converse?

Sneaker trends come and go, but there are a few staples that will never leave our lifetime. Maybe you should think twice before buying that new shoe trend. Here are just a taste of the sneakers over the years we will always love to wear no matter how old they are.

1910s: Pimsoles

When I look at Keds, I define them as the American “classic sneaker.” I feel like Keds are the most underrated shoe ever. Not only are they comfortable but match with literally everything you wear. The petiteness of the shoe makes your foot look really skinny, which is important to us ladies. It actually came to the world in the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1900s where we finally noticed this shoe gem. These sleek shoes work for any occasion, and the variety of colors doesn’t hurt either.

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1920s: Converse

Believe it or not, but converse sneakers were actually first marketed to basketball players. Funny that these sneakers didn’t even count as gym shoes in my gym class in high school. At least I looked good. Converse are known to be a timeless sneaker and a staple in everyone’s closet, which makes them a favorite. The white high tops are personally my favorite because they could never go wrong with any of my outfits no matter how wild they are.

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1970s: Skater Shoes

I don’t care what anybody says, Vans are the definition of skater shoes. These checkered slip-on sneakers instantly make me think of a skate park. They were originally sold as basketball shoes (I had to sit out of gym class for wearing these too), but it is clear that it is more useful for those skaters and casual wearers. Don’t worry about the checkered phase getting out of style. These sneakers can do no wrong and will be around till the end of time.

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1980s: Track Running Shoes

These were the original running shoes back in the 1980s. They brought a sporty vibe rather than the typical girly girl. The flat sole is not as popular today as it was back then, but these shoes’ popularity will never die. If you are not into the elevated sneaker phase right now, we suggest bringing these bad boys back and buying yourself a pair.

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1990s: Chunky Sneakers

These sneakers are back and better than ever. Yes this is another classic sneaker that will never go out of style, but the chunky sneakers these days are now with a twist. Not only are they more chunky, but they also come in fun different colors so you could never be bored. If you don’t want to take that risk in buying one of the colorful ones, opt out for these sleek classics instead. You will be struting them for days. The height of the sneaker also helps out those petite girls who don’t want to wear heels!

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2000s: Platform Sneakers

Move over Spice Girls, this trend will never become extinct. The platform sneakers has had some highs and lows over the past years, but it is safe to say that it is the new way of wearing heels. Girls love a little height when they go out at night but want to be comfortable. That’s why this is the best of both worlds. Even though they have no use for something athletic, it is still worth every penny because of how cool you will look at the club.

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These sneakers are great for any occasion and will never go out of style for as long as you are around. They are a classic staple to anyone’s closet and trendy as well. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments!