5 Day Trips To Take When You’re In A New Relationship

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There’s nothing quite like summer love. And with summer love comes tons of opportunity to get some much-needed vacation with your new bae. And while couples in long-term relationships are trading in their flyer miles and hitting the road to go on extended vacays with their boo, when you’re in a new relationship, extended or overnight trips are pretty much out of the question.

Finding fun date ideas and day trips to partake in with your new bae can be just as fun and satisfying as a long vacation away. Take a look at these five flirty date ideas you can try with your new fling this summer.

1. Amusement Parks

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Six-Flags, Disney World and the like make for the perfect daytime day trip to spend with your new bae. Between the rides, the delicious food and the games, there won’t be time for a single dull moment.

2. Wine Tasting

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Hitting up a winery with your boo allows for you both to enjoy a few glasses of vino together and learn a thing or two about the wine-making process. Just make sure you Uber your way home after this date as you may be a bit on the tipsy side after a few glasses of Chardonnay.

3. Get To Know Your Town’s History

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Get some fresh air and play tourist for a day with your sweetheart by scheduling a walking tour around the city. By the end of the day, you and your boo will pretty much be considered official “town experts” with all the new information you learned.

4. Hit The Trails

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Get moving with your summer love by hitting the trail. Not only does hiking allow for you to take in the scenery of your city, but it allows for you to get in some exercise as well.

5. Dinner By Candlelight & Water

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Take things a step further by having your dinner by candlelight, by the sea. Snag a deal through Groupon for a local dinner cruise in your city.

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