Top 10 Gifts To Get Your BFF For International Day Of Friendship

If you didn’t already know, International Day of Friendship is actually a thing. It is a day that is designed to foster friendships and bridge the gaps between race, color, religion and other factors which keep humans from enjoying friendship with one another. Or in other words, celebrating your BFF’s. Your best friend deserves more than just a hug on this day, which is on August 5. It doesn’t hurt to get her a little something to thank her for always being by your side and always listening to your complaining. Here are the top 10 gifts you should get your best friend for International Day of Friendship to remind her how much you love her. Don’t worry, these gift ideas won’t break your bank account because they are under 20 bucks!

1. New York’s Bathhouse Amethyst Heart Bath Bomb

To show your BFF some love, what could be a better way than with this heart-shaped bath bomb?! If she’s having a hard day, she can relax and unwind with this fragrant bath bomb from New York’s Bathhouse, the non-edible bakery. It is made of aquatic top notes of Italian bergamot, rare camellias, and lime, followed by exotic sandalwood and vetiver. It is handmade fresh in NY; vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and natural. Not to mention, it is only six dollars a pop so you could get her three bath bombs for less than 20 dollars!

BUY: Amethyst Heart Bath Bomb here

2. Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9-Piece Brush Set

If your best friend is a makeup guru, this 9-piece brush set is the perfect gift. A true beauty queen uses a different makeup brush for every part of her makeup routine. This set comes with a large angled contour brush, powder blush brush, tapered highlighter brush, deluxe blending brush, dense crease brush, tapered blending brush, precision crease brush, flat shader brush, and detailing brush. The soft synthetic bristles are so versatile and offer professional-grade application of makeup to the face and eyes. It will give her the perfect contour, highlight, and eye!

BUY: Bh Cosmetics 9-Piece Brush Set here

3. UO_TUNE_IN Portable Power Bank

Does your BFF always complain that her phone is about to die every time you guys are together? Well, this is definitely the perfect gift for her. This Urban Outfitters sleek portable power bank gives you 3-4 extra hours of battery life. It is lightweight and ultra-thin with rounded, easy-grip edges and matte, soft-touch casing with so many colors to choose from! You will never have to hear her say anything about a dying battery again with the help of this portable charger.

BUY: Portable Power Bank here

4. Photo Clip Firefly String Lights

Want to share all your favorite memories with your BFF over the years? Add a playful touch of multi-functional charm to her room with this string of clip-lights, perfect for securing all of your favorite snaps with each other! The clips are removable so you can customize your look! There is no better way to reminisce than looking at old photos. As they say, a picture really says a thousand words.

BUY: Photo Clip Firefly String Lights here

5. One Line A Day Journal

This is another memory gift, but it has a little twist to it. The classic 5-year memory-keeping diary is the perfect way to track the ups and downs of life. This journal holds a page for each of 365 days of the year, each with five yearly spaces for entries, allowing your BFF to revisit daily thoughts and memories from previous years!

BUY: One Line A Day Journal here

6. Lomography Simple Use Color Film Disposable Camera

Is your BFF a photographer? Is she going on a road trip but doesn’t want to bring her professional camera? Say no more. Pre-loaded with 36 exposures of 35 mm color analog film, Lomography’s Simple Use Disposable Camera allows you to digitally detox while still taking customizable pics anywhere! She can get creative with the attached color filters and a built-in flash. It is designed for one-time use, so once she finished the roll, she can send the whole camera away to be developed!

BUY: Lomography Simple Use Color Film Disposable Camera here

7. Who’s Most Likely To Game

This game is great for those wine nights at your BFF’s house. Who’s Most Likely To can be played with your best friends for a hilarious way to get to know people on a new level. Decide who would be “most likely to…” ranging from “wake up with half a burrito in bed” to “go out if they didn’t have to get off the couch” and listen as they try to defend themselves. It is a fun way of getting to know things about your BFF that you never knew before!

BUY: Who’s Most Likely To Game here

8. Shawn Mendes Limited LP

This record is just one of the many choices to choose from at Urban Outfitters, but if your BFF is a Shawn Mendes fan and collects records, this one is a winner. It is a different way to show your appreciation for your BFF because you are combining her two favorite things – records and her favorite artist. Not to mention, the record itself is gorgeous too.

BUY: Shawn Mendes Limited LP here

9. Pinch Provisions Sweetheart Minimergency Kit

Does your BFF’s life always feel like it is going to fall apart? Save her with this mini-emergency kit! Chipped nails, bad breath, spaghetti stains, and windblown hair don’t stand a chance when she’s got this mini does-it-all emergency kit from Pinch Provisions in her bag. Equipped with anything she’d need at school, work, on a night out or on vacation – an emery board, hair spray, earring backs, stain remover, a tampon, lip balm, clear hair elastics and so much more, all in a tiny, heart-embossed pouch that’ll fit inside almost any bag! She’ll thank you for this one.

BUY: Pinch Provisions Sweetheart Miniemergency Bag here

10. Lexon Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Is your BFF really into her music and selfies? How can there be a gift that compromises both? Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this mini Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for music on the go and selfies at the ready. Bluetooth compatible and equipped with a selfie remote button that syncs up to your phone, this speaker is perfectly tiny and coated in a metallic sheen! Get ready for neverending selfies from your BFF while she dances the night away.

BUY: Lexon Mini Bluetooth Speaker here

That sums up our list of the top 10 gifts to get your BFF for International Day of Friendship on July 30. Show your BFF some love with these gifts and she will never forget why you are her number one! Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments!

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