Dad Surprises Daughter With Dream Dress For School Dance In Viral Video 

Every girl dreams of going to her school dance in her dream dress. For one girl, that dream appeared to be a lost cause UNTIL her Dad totally surprised her and turned her dreams into a reality.

As if straight out of the pages of a fairytale, this Cinderella moment quickly went viral when a hard-working father surprised his daughter with a dress she had wanted to wear to her 8th-grade school dance. Acting as her fairy godmother, this Dad totally melted our hearts after a video went viral on Twitter of him surprising his daughter with a dress she had wanted to wear to the dance. She was originally told that the dress was too expensive to buy. The heartwarming video was captured and posted online and the moment is nothing short of a tear-jerker.

In the video clip, we see the young student hanging out with her friends when her Dad walks up to his unsuspecting daughter with a purple garment bag. Initially, the young girl looks a little puzzled by her father’s presence until he unzips the bag. After taking a closer look and realizing that it’s the dress she had wanted, her jaw hits the floor. As if things couldn’t get any sweeter, the girl jumps up to tearfully hug and thank her father, who is grinning from ear to ear.

According to the corresponding tweet, the father in the video worked three jobs and had initially told his daughter that he couldn’t afford to get the dress she had wanted, but he was able to get it for her in the end. Solidifying the real-life fairytale moment, the video clip (which has nearly three million views since its original posting) was set to music with the classic father-daughter song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle.

After watching the video, many Twitter users were naturally in their feelings about the touching moment, noting how refreshing it was seeing a genuine and appreciative reaction from the girl who immediately hugged and thanked her father versus grabbing the dress.

This Dad is not only taking home first place as “Father of the Year.” This sweet daddy-daughter moment has broken the internet. Now, pass the tissues ladies.



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