This Company Will Pay You $200 A Week To Take Naps

Yawn! Great news for all those who have dreamed of cashing in on their napping skills and expertise. Mattress Firm just basically posted the job of your dreams and is looking for professional nappers to do what they do best and hit the hay!

According to Mattress Firm, they are looking their first set of “Snoozeterns” (which is basically a napping intern) to nap and report the quality of their sleep while sleeping. While this paying gig ($200 a week) sounds like a breeze, there are a few qualifications you’ll need to land this dreamy job.

Aside from meeting the age requirements (18 years of age or older) and location requirements (this internship is Houston based), you’ll need to highly proficient in napping regardless of the time of day. You’ll also need to passionate about sleeping and comfort as you’ll ultimately be testing the quality of the mattress you’ll be snoozing on.

This internship, tailored for those who highly skilled at sleeping, is also looking for someone who is genuinely interested in all things sleeping related. You have to be interested in being exposed to different surfaces, textures and sleep positions, curious about things you CAN’T see (i.e., illusive dreams and what’s inside your mattress), eager to meet new people and talk to about how awesome sleeping is. The intern will also be responsible for putting together and editing creative short videos using video editing software and should be available to report to their assigned mattress beginning August 15.

The new position to the company will assign the in-house bed-tester different mattresses to test and review on the Mattress Firm social accounts. Along with their reviews and creating video content, the Snoozetern with also be responsible for hosting Facebook Live events and getting pictures for Instagram around the HQ.

the little mermaid sleeping gif

To apply, fill out the application form here, then upload a video to YouTube explaining basically why you’d be the company’s best Snoozetern ever! Applications are due on July 27, and once they’re all in, Mattress Firm will decide on the top three finalists. The finalists will then have their video posted to the brand’s Instagram account, and followers will then vote for their favorite Snoozetern. By August 10, the official Snoozetern will be announced and begin napping by the 15.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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