10 Meme Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Nonstop Laughs

While chicken soup may be good for the soul, a funny meme is good for the heart. We here at College Candy can appreciate a mid-day pick me up with a funny meme, especially during those days when the day is dragging on. These 10 Instagram accounts totally deliver when it comes to posting memes to the gram that are funny AF and we just had to share because what good is a funny meme if you can’t share it with everyone.

Get ready to laugh your a** off and take a look at these 10 Instagram meme accounts you need to be following right now!



If you want to get inside the head of a millenial, Betches is the IG account for you. These memes are relatable AF and always repost-worthy.

Saint Hoax


Who knew those photoshop could be so fun? Saint Hoax basically takes the seriousness out of serious art and with the help of lots of photoshop, created a hilarious art account that doubles as a meme account. You’ll understand why once you check out their page…trust us!

Girl With No Job


Similar to Betches, Girl With No Job is a hilarious meme account (and #forevermood) created by Claudia Oshry.

My Therapist Says


This meme account is for those moments when you’re hungover, hungry, feeling broke, anxious and pretty much tired of adulting and looking for some comedic relief.

Dogs Being Basic


Because we stan an animal meme account like no other.

Taste of Streep

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Taste of Streep basically takes photoshop to the next level by photoshopping pictures of actress and queen Meryl Streep onto various random food items.

Emotional Club


True to its name, Emotional Club posts memes that are extremely extra and emo and the perfect non-pick me up when you’re in your feelings.


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Me on a Monday…

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Take a popular #TBT photo that reminds you of your childhood and mix it with some EMO vibes and you’ve got yourself Bed Time.

No Chill

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Not recommended for the weak at heart, No Chill hits below the belt, posting memes that are hilariously shameful yet 100% relatable.

Classical F**k

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Every damn time

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This meme account pretty much takes classic, timeless works of art and combines it with the modern and everyday life struggles we face on the regular.


College Candy

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Not ready to let go of rosé season yet #collegecandy

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