5 Post Grad Problems That Are All Too Real

Transitioning out of college sounds like a scary thing. The real world, living somewhere new, managing your new finances, rent, working full time, meeting new people? Whatever it is, it’ll throw you for a loop because chances are, it’s completely new and it’s ok to struggle! Everyone will.

Here are 5 struggles you’ll face your first year out of college and some tips for dealing with it!

Adjusting to your new surrounding

post grad struggles


Whether you move somewhere new or back home, you’re going to be in a new environment, maybe even a new city or state that’s not your college campus! Moving to your hometown can feel foreign because a lot can change in the years while you were at school. You also have to adjust to living with your parents again! If you move away you have to make new friends, learn your way around a new city and find new restaurants and things to do. Either way, you go it’s an adjustment.

To avoid feeling completely overwhelmed find stuff that reminds you of your old routine. Whether it’s a new coffee shop that carries your favorite drink or a workout class that you love and always used to do at school. Finding something that feels familiar will help, especially if you’re in a new city.

Finding a new group of friends

post college struggles


You’re no longer going to have your group of college friends near you to hang out with all the time, so it’s time to make new friends! This can be difficult if you’re in a new city because it’s not as easy to meet people as it was in college.

Try to make new friends at work, maybe from your workout classes or you can see if people you went to school with also live in the area as well. It’s hard at first but if you keep trying you’ll be able to make friends.

Figuring out your career path.

post grad struggles


Chances are, you won’t land your dream job right out of college. If you can’t even find a job, that is incredibly stressful. Thinking about the future is daunting and it’s not one size fits all. Make goals, work hard and even take risks.

Dealing with self-doubt.

post graduate struggles


Your first-year post-college is not all the time you have to establish your career and be successful. You actually have the rest of your life! Don’t worry about the choices you made in college or second-guess the major you choose. Focus on moving forward and on your future.

Navigating a romantic relationship

post grad


If you’re single after college is it time to start putting yourself out there again?  And more importantly, how?! You’re young so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find ‘the one’ when you’re fresh out of school. But try meeting new people! Whether you use dating apps, or have a conversation with someone at the bar or try to meet new people through friends. Try!  It’s not as easy to meet people as it is in college and the casual hookup culture you dealt with in college is a distant memory. Sure there are still casual relationships but it’s a different ballgame now.

If you’re holding on to a college relationship, whether you move in together or take it long distance. It’s a new struggle in your relationship that you’ll have to navigate.

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