Kris Jenner Boyfriends 2021: Who Is Kris Dating Now?

Kris Jenner may be Hollywood’s most famous (and successful) momager today, but before she dedicated her entire life to her six children–Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Robert, Kendall and Kylie–Kris had a very busy (and at times scandalous) life of her own.

Born Kristen Mary Houghton, after Kris graduated high school, the future businesswoman worked as a flight attendant for one year. Despite traveling and seeing what the world had to offer, Kris’ love life is what really took flight and is part of the reason why she’s so successful today.

Kris Jenner KUWTK

The busy mom and grandmother of seven may be running a tight ship as entertainment manager of her children, but before the producer, author and genius behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians was living the high life, she had a detailed love life full of scandal and secrets! Let’s take a closer look at Kris’ love life.

Alfred M. Garcia 1972-1973

Before Kris decided to pursue a career as a flight attendant, the teen dated professional photographer Alfred M. Garcia. The romance was short lived and only lasted six months.

Cesar Sanudo (1973 – 1974)

Kris’ next relationship would be with the late professional golfer Cesar Sanudo. Despite the couple’s age difference, Sanudo was 29 while Kris was just 17 at the time, and the family’s disapproval of the relationship, the former flames dated for nine months before breaking things off. Later on, the family made claims that Kris was cheating on Sanudo with her future husband Robert Kardashian when the two were still together.

Robert Kardashian 1973 – 1991

Kris’ most notable relationship and first marriage, came in 1973 when Kris (who was just 18 years old at the time), began casually seeing the succussful attorney and businessman Robert Kardashian. Robert was 11 years her senior.

They began casually dating in 1974 and would continue to see one another for three years before getting engaged. The couple finally tied the knot after a two-year engagement, on July 8, 1978.

Together they had four children: daughters Kourtney (born 1979), Kim (born 1980), Khloe (born 1984) and son Rob (born 1987). Following their marriage, Kris focused on being a homemaker and mom to her four children. Due to Robert’s success as an attorney and businessman, Kris was often subjected to the finer things in life and soon became accustomed to living a life of luxury.

Despite what seemed to be a harmonious union between the two, the couple divorced in March 1991. Kris later confirmed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that the divorce was due in part to an affair she had with a family friend. Despite the split, Rob and Kris remained friends up until Robert’s death in 2003.

O.J. Simpson 1976

Years before the death of her close friend Nicole Brown-Simpson, it was rumored that Kris had an alleged affair with former family friend and disgraced football player O.J. Simpson. The rumors of an alleged hook up would carry on for years and would later spark an even bigger scandalous rumor of Simpson being the alleged biological father of Kris’ daughter Khloe.

The O.J. Simpson trial was made into a mini-series, The People v. O.J. Simpson. Kris, Robert and their kids were all portrayed in the series. It was also talked about on their show KUWTK. Last season Kris and her friend Faye Resnick talked about O.J. Simpson’s impending release from prison.

Alex Roldan 1983

Kris’ next rumored fling came in 1983 when it was said the Kris allegedly hooked up with family friend Alex Roldan.

Todd Waterman 1989-1991

Kris’ most scandalous relationship to date came in 1989 when Kris revealed years later that she had indeed had a two-year affair with family friend and former soccer player Todd Waterman. The secret affair wound up costing Kris her marriage to Robert and would later cause a huge dispute with her future husband Caitlyn Jenner (then known as Bruce) years later.

Caitlyn Jenner 1990-2014

After first meeting on a blind date and five months of dating, Kris took her second walk down the aisle and married Olympic medalist Caitlyn Jenner on April  21, 1991. With Kris’ four children with Robert and Bruce having four kids of his own, the couple became a blended family of ten after tying the knot.

Despite their already large family, the couple decided to have two children together: Kendall (born 1995) and Kylie (born 1997). Caitlyn was featured with Kris and their children on their hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After 23 years of marriage, the couple ultimately wound up divorcing following an extended separation.

Following their divorce and Caitlyn’s transition, the two former lovebirds have not been on speaking terms since. Caitlyn released a tell-all book of her time with the Kardashians and declaring Kris knew all along about her wanting to transition. The reality TV family filmed their reaction to Caitlyn’s book on their show and declared her as a liar.

Benjamin Flajnik 2013-2014

Following Kris’ divorce, rumors circulated that Kris had hooked up with former Bachelor, Benjamin Flajnik for a short fling. Neither Kris nor Flajnik have addressed the rumors.

Corey Gamble 2014-Present

In 2014, Kris began seeing music and talent manager Corey Gamble. After nearly four years of dating, in July 2018, rumors began swirling that the couple was engaged to be married.


Kris Jenner has been in a committed long-term relationship with tour manager Corey Gamble for four years but she has no plans to marry again.

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