5 Things You Miss The Most In College About Your Hometown Friends

When that time of year rolls around to go back to school, it’s also time to say goodbye to your hometown and hometown BFFs. Summer is a great time to go back home and be with your family and friends you had been with your whole life.

Sometimes you go off to college with some of your hometown BFFs and sometimes you all split paths, but summer is that one time for you all to rekindle and create more memories to last a lifetime. Cherish that time you have with them because as you get older, you all will spread your wings and not get to spend as much time as you used to.

Here are five things that you’ll miss the most about your hometown friends each year as you begin a new chapter of your education.

They Know Literally Everything About You

Let’s face it, your hometown BFFs have been through, well, your whole life with you and that means they know basically everything. Friends come and go, but when you find your true besties, they will come to learn every single thing from you.

When your best friends follow you through life from childhood to your rising adulthood, they will be there through all your hardships and victories and everything in between and because of those special moments they learn to love you more every day.

They Are Your Second Family

Hometown friends have been your ride or die girls for almost too many years to count. Not only are they your best friends but their families are basically like your second family.

From countless sleepovers to confiding in their parents because you were too scared to talk to yours, their family treats you like one of their own.

They Do Everything With You…Even If It’s Embarrassing

If you had to sit down and tell every memory, you have had with your hometown besties who knows how long that would take. You all do everything together, even if it’s not things you’re proud of. From hilarious memories to some things you maybe shouldn’t have done, they’re memories to last a lifetime.

So hold on to those memories, and when you come home continue to make more with them, they’re your partners in crime and always will be.

They Put You In Your Place When You’re Wrong

Sometimes when you meet new people they don’t always know how to tell you when you’re wrong, we’ve all been there. However, you will always have your hometown friends to put you in your place.

Whether it’s something as small as telling you to change your outfit because girl it’s not working or they’re telling you to get out of that horrible relationship you’re in, they’re not afraid to hold back. Sometimes it may seem harsh, but just know they always have your best interest at heart.

You All Have That Special Bond That Can Never Be Broken

Your hometown friends have been there with you through the best of times and more importantly through the worst of times. They have celebrated many happy memories and have been there for comfort when you needed them the most, and why? It’s because you all are true BFFs.

No matter how life pulls you all in different directions, you will always share that special bond forever. You may not see each other often, or maybe you’ll be living in the same new city exploring it to its fullest, but no matter what you will always find your way back to each other.

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