Here’s How To Have a Device-Free Vacation & Still Live Your Best Life 

Part of the fun of going on vacation and trying new things is using our phones and cameras to document those special moments so we can remember them forever. While we use the latest tech-gadgets to “capture the memories,” social media and FOMO can not only put a major damper on our parade, but it can have you feeling like you’re always missing out, need to keep up with the Joneses and post to your Instastories on the regular. Social media can be so fast-paced and be overwhelming at times.

While sharing your once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your friends and family is great, unplugging from it all with a device-free vacay is just as good for the soul. It may not sound plausible, but there are actually tons of benefits of going on a digital detox and stepping away from the Gram. Not only are you more focused, but you’re able to be more present and in the moment, and you’re able to think clearer and divulge into your passions ten-fold.

A device-free vacay is not only good for your mind and body but your spirit as well. There are tons of things you can do aside from taking a digital detox that will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and still have you living your best life.

Take a look at these five ways to have a device-free vacation with things you should be spending your time doing instead.

1. Divulge Deeper

During your device-free vacation, spending time alone and in solitude allows for you to listen actively and hear your own thoughts and pay attention to them. Because it’s rare that we take the time to really listen to ourselves and our thoughts for an extended period of time, meditating, watching the sunrise/sunset and star gazing allow for you to spend time alone and really LISTEN really. It helps you become more in-tune with who you really are and that’s way better than any app on your phone can do.

2. Get Passionate

We get it, taking a device-free vacation is not easy. Some days/nights will be harder than others, and you’ll more than likely go through some heavy withdrawal symptoms. However, the more prepared you are for those moments, the quicker it will pass and the easier it’ll be. A great way to prep for those moments is to plan something that will keep you occupied and entertained in place of your devices.

Maybe you’ve been interested in divulging more into your artistic side with a painting class. Or perhaps you’re finally ready to put together that scrapbook or read that novel that’s been sitting by your bed stand. During your device-free vacation, exploring your passions and hobbies more will allow for you to clear your mind, focus on things you enjoy and raise your spirits.

3. Kick It Old School

Before your device-free vacation, make sure you write down any important phone numbers you may need to avoid being tempted to go on your phone during your detox. To take advantage of your time without your devices, planning an old-school game night with your close friends is a great way to capitalize on your time without your cellphone being by your side. The rules are pretty straightforward. Let your guests know beforehand that your game-night will be a device free night and that once they enter they will have to leave their smartphones at the door. Stock up on classic board games and cards, set up some chairs and a table or two and voila! You’ve got yourself a game night. If you really want to remember the moment and absolutely need to take a picture, taking photos and videos with a Polaroid will work.

4. Rest, Reminisce, Repeat

There’s no greater joy than going to sleep or taking a nap and not having to set the alarm. During your device-free vacay, make it a point to catch up on some much-needed, GUILT-FREE rest. Also, take a trip down memory lane by dusting off those photo albums in your attic and flip through them. Give your friend a call (on a landline) and ask her to meet up with you for some coffee (phone-free of course). Getting back to basics will have you feeling invigorated.

5. Get In Shape

Going for a run along the beach, a bike ride in the park or a nice long swim allows for you to get in shape and enjoy the beautiful weather at the same time. The best part about taking your workout outdoors without your phone is it allows you to focus on your workout. Sure snapping photos of your hike is tempting, but your friends and family will be more interested in knowing your secret to staying in shape when you pop up on social media showing off your beach body later on.

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