How Did Lollapalooza Get Its Name? Must-Know Facts About The Festival

Lollapalooza has been around for over 27 years, and boy has it been through it all. Lollapalooza has gone from a Northern American city touring festival with only a few bands, to being canceled, to being revived and becoming one of the world’s largest festivals ever.

Lollapalooza’s main event is held in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois but has expanded to other countries over the last eight years. From 2010 in Chile to Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Paris and in June of 2019 Lollapalooza will have its first Sweden festival.

If you want to find out how the festival began, where it got its name and many more exciting facts about Lollapalooza look no further because we got you covered.

How Lollapalooza Began

Lollapalooza was first started back in 1991 to be a touring festival around North American cities. The festival was created by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell as a farewell tour for the band. Its primary goal was to bring together all types of musicians from all forms of music.

From rock bands like Jane’s Addiction and Living Color to heavy metal groups like Ice-T & Body Count to a Belgian and American techno band named Lords On Acid, this festival had it all. The festival ran well from 1991 to 1997 until it was canceled due to the festival not being able to book a headlining rock act which symbolized the decline in popularity a majority of rock bands were experiencing.

The festival was resurrected in 2003. That year and the following the festival did well enough to get by because of the high ticket prices and the amount of touring the bands had to do. So in 2005 Farrell paired with Capitol Sports and Entertainment to have the festival be a two-day event at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. This festival had over 70 acts spread out across five different stages around the park. This was the turning point for the success we see today of Lollapalooza.

How Did Lollapalooza Get Its Name?

Lollapalooza is known for its fantastic line-ups, crazy stages and of course who hasn’t taken a picture in front of the giant lollipop that is there every year, but how did Lollapalooza get its name? Founder Perry Farrell explained his reasoning for the name in an interview with back in 2012.

“As a songwriter, I used to read the dictionary a lot,” Farrell explained to “If I was hard up for a word, I would start thumbing through, and sometimes it would trigger an idea for a song or a lyric. “I came across ‘Lollapalooza,’ which said ‘someone or something great and/or wonderful.’ Then the second definition of it was ‘a giant swirling lollipop.'”

This inspired Farrell to bring artists of all genres of music and their listeners together at one big concert. He thought if he could bring together rappers, punk rockers, electronic music bands and more together in one venue it would be an epic music festival. All because of finding the word ‘Lollapalooza’ in a paper dictionary a music festival phenomena was born.

Lollapalooza 2018

Lollapalooza 2018 will take place on August 2nd through the 5th in its home location of Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. After a few early years of the festival only being 2 days to 2016 where the festival was four days long because of its 25th year anniversary the festival now sticks to the four-day festival to ensure there are plenty of artists for people to chose from.

This year’s line-up includes headliners like The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Travis Scott, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White. Other famous artists include Logic, Khalid, Post Malone, Odesza, Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, LL Cool J, Playboi Carti, Lil Pump and over 100 more amazing artists and bands.

A majority of the four-day passes and the individual day tickets are sold out. However, some of the Sunday tickets are still available for purchase. Also, you can go on the Lollapalooza website to find verified resale tickets for other days.

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Are All Content Warnings Really Necessary?
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