Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Bekah Accuses Leo Of Sexual Harassment On Instagram

The Bachelor is amazing because there is drama on and off screen. Recently the off-screen drama has been centered around former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez from Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor. Recently Martinez took to her Instagram to accuse Bachelorette contestant Leandro “Leo” Dottavio of sexual harassment.

On August 1 Martinez, 23, posted on her Instagram story screenshots from people who claimed that Dottavio, 31, has sexually harassed them or their friends. According to the New York Post, Martinez first posted a screenshot of a comment from Dottavio that is four years old. The comment says, “you need my big d**k.” There is no context for the comment.

Martinez said in her story that she found the screenshot on sub-Reddit pages for the franchise. Dottavio told the New York Post that the comment is photoshopped and his lawyer is looking into it.

After Martinez posted the screenshot multiple women reached out to her to share their own stories of Dottavio. One woman who claimed to have gone to college with Dottavio said that he acted “creepy” to her and her friends while in a theater production. She claimed that some of the girls he was being “creepy” towards were “barely legal.”

Another girl messaged her saying that Dottavio sent her friend multiple unwanted d**k pictures. Martinez shielded the girls’ identities and claimed that she received a dozen messages from people giving specific stories of Dottavio sexually harassing them or someone they know.

“I started posting the screenshots [of their messages] because to me, it’s not a coincidence that multiple women would be saying similar things about the same person,” Martinez told theĀ New York Post. “There’s no way these women happen to be lying about the same thing before seeing what other women are saying.”

After the screenshots were posted Martinez posted a video of herself saying that Dottavio’s lawyer reached out to her saying she will be sued for defamation if the posts weren’t removed.

The two have since gone back and forth about the allegations. Dottavio posted a DM he got from someone saying that Martinez groped him when he was only 14 and she was 18. Dottavio shared the post with “Damn @whats_ur_sign what if everyone just posted anything they found on the internet?”

The two were also going at it in the DMs. Martinez shared screenshots of their messages. Dottavio claims that the Instagram comment is six years old and photoshopped. The girl who photoshopped it apologized to him for doing it. Martinz holds her ground and insists it’s not edited because there is a whole Reddit thread with proof.

She then brings up the girl who threatened to sue him for sending her “20 unsolicited d**k pics” and the other women accusing him of harassment. Dottavio responded, “I don’t sexually harass women lol and college was 14 years ago.” He goes on to say that the DM he got of her is much worse than any of the DMs she received of his alleged harassment.

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