The 5 Must-Know Things Before Dyeing Your Hair A Crazy Color

If you’re shy and don’t like the spotlight on you, dyeing your hair all of the colors of the rainbow may bring unwanted attention.

It’s no secret that appearances can reflect personalities. Your hair, especially, can speak volumes about you. A rainbow hair dye job may clue others in on your fun-loving personality. Or, a dark red or a dark green hair color could be just what you need to create a perfectly edgy look. Anyone can make a statement with hair dye. If you’re thinking outside the ‘natural’ colors box and beyond shades of blonde, black, ginger and brown, then there are some things that you MUST know beforehand. Below is a list of 5 things that you should know before dyeing your hair a crazy color. Most importantly though, remember to have fun and express yourself!

1. Choose a color that works on you

Dyeing your hair any color is a difficult process to reverse, so be sure that the color you choose works well with both your skin tone and your wardrobe. Avoid pastel hair dyes if you have fair skin as these colors will wash you out. Colors like bright yellow and red are excellent skin tone compliments if you have dark brown skin. Those with olive toned skin should try pinks and purples. A unique hair color can make you feel more confident, but the last thing that you want is to do the opposite. Keep in mind that if you’re shy, dyeing your hair may bring unwanted attention.

2. Check if your new hair color is workplace-friendly

When both your career and paycheck are at stake, it’s best not to come across as unprofessional. Check your employee manual to see if your company has any policies against unnatural hair colors. If you can’t find any written rules, ask your manager or someone in the human resources department.

3. Achieving your dream color takes time

The time that it takes for you to reach your hair goals depends entirely on the present color of your hair as well as your hair’s previous exposure to dyes and bleaches. Most crazy colors will easily take to blonde hair, but black hair requires several lightening processes beforehand.

4. Bleach may be involved

Dark hair, or even dirty blonde hair, may have to be bleached in order to reach a vibrant, rich color. And if that sounds scary, it’s because it is. Bleach can cause harm to your hair by breaking it or drying it out. Your hair can even fall out! Consult a professional before lightening your hair. They can tell you whether your hair is healthy enough to undergo the process.

5. Practice color maintenance

You definitely want to make your new look a lasting one, so avoid any shampoos that will cause the color to bleed and run. Try only washing your hair with shampoo once or twice a week. But, that doesn’t mean avoid showering completely- use a shower cap. Also, look into the possibility of color conditioner.

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