The 7 Best Apps Every Travel Junkie Needs In Their Life

Traveling is an experience that everyone loves to do. Whether you’re one trip a year kind of person or have to take months at a time to travel across the world, traveling is essential to exploring life.

For those who like to travel all year long, we’re sure you’ve got the traveling essentials down pact. From packing light to traveling on a budget and everything in between, you know what you’re doing.

To help an avid traveler become even more of a traveling expert, we found seven of the best traveling apps for you to download your next trip.

From booking a place to stay, to checking out some non-tourist areas and more, these apps will take you one step up in the traveling game.


Uber is an essential app for almost everyone, whether you’re a traveler or not. Uber has been around for many years offering people rides in over 600 cities worldwide. Uber takes the overpriced taxis out of the picture and offers almost instant trips at reasonable prices all day long.

No matter where you’re traveling too Uber is most likely going to be in your destination.


Airbnb is a traveler’sĀ essential app. If you haven’t heard of this app, where have you been? Airbnb offers hundreds of different housing options to choose from instead of the traditional hotel option. People offer up their homes, apartments or individual rooms for a nightly price.

Airbnb also offers different attractions to look at depending on what area you’re traveling to. This app is basically your one-stop shop for a place to stay and places to visit while you’re enjoying your vacation. Download the app now, and thank us later.



If you’re traveling fairly locally and decide to go in your car SpotHero is the perfect parking app. SpotHero helps you find cheap parking spaces no matter where you travel to. Traveling to a big city like New York or Chicago, no worries, SpotHero can help you find spots all over the city. You can find a spot right away or book your spot using their reservation services.

The parking spots range from parking garages, parking lots and even specified spots for the SpotHero app. A tip when using the app is to find any spots that are designated for SpotHero. They are usually the cheapest and are always reliable parking areas.


WhatsApp has been around for many years allowing people to talk and message from anywhere in the world. It works while you’re connected to WIFI if you’re in a foreign country and works like any other app if you’re at home.

WhatsApp allows you to chat with anyone at any time no matter their location. It’s the perfect app for travelers who have loved ones back home and want to share their experiences with them.



Most people’s first impression of a hostel is that they are gross, old and are huge rooms shared with a bunch of people. Where hostels aren’t your traditional hotel room they do make a great pit stop stay when you’re traveling on a budget or just want a new experience.

HostelWorld lets you put in your location and searches for any hostels near you. It’s essentially like an Expedia or Travelocity but for hostels. The app will show you the reviews, pictures andĀ general area maps of where your hostel is. If you’re traveling on a budget HostelWorld is the app to get.


With over 20 million users, CityMaps2Go is the ultimate travel app essential. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new city and not knowing where to go, whether it’s a foreign country or just a few states over you never really know where to start.

CityMaps2Go is an app that allows you to check out city maps and find locations you want to visit. From restaurants to bars to beaches and more whatever looks interesting to you just favorite it and add it to a list. The best part about this app is that you don’t need WIFI to use it, genius!


If you want to travel like a true blogger, then look no further and download the TraveLibro app. TraveLibro is an app where bloggers share their traveling experiences and post them to the app. It allows you to not only follow their journies but check out the places they went too.

If you’re tired of following apps or websites that take you to all the touristy areas and want to explore more of what the place has to offer, TraveLibro is the app for you. Ditch the city tours and check out some local coffee shops or find a hidden waterfall you would have never known about.

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