Top 10 Affordable & Fun Bachelorette Party Destinations–NqF7Lg/?tagged=myrtlebeach

Something that can be almost exciting as the wedding itself is your bachelorette party! Before you start inviting all of your contacts and booking flights, however, it’s important to consider the cost of your celebration. Whether you’d like a party in a big city or quiet hideaway, pick a destination that’s fun but also affordable. We’ve put together a list of some of the hottest bachelorette party spots with plenty of activities to do on your budget!

10. Myrtle Beach, S.C.–NqF7Lg/?tagged=myrtlebeach

Although this scenic destination might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a bachelorette party, its average airfare, hotel room and beer prices are unbeatable. If you and your friends are into water sports, then the jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, and parasailing options won’t leave you disappointed!

9. Las Vegas

Las Vegas definitely has a reputation for being the place to party, throwing your bachelorette celebration here will sure to be a good time. Spas, shopping, fine dining, and dancing options are everywhere in Sin City, so don’t miss out on what Vegas has to offer.

8. Seattle

Seattle might seem like another out-of-the-blue destination, but its live music, dancing venues, and microbrews are relatively affordable and a guaranteed blast.

7. Atlantic City, N.J.

Acting as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City is perfect if you’re looking to hit up the bar, club, or casino.

6. San Diego, California

With beaches available during the day and nightclubs ready to close out your evening, San Diego is the perfect destination for your bachelorette party. Try hitting up a comedy club or two if your crew is ready for some laughs!

5. Montreal, Quebec

This destination offers some of the cheapest hotel prices available, as well as a strong restaurant scene. Plan your bachelorette party around some of Montreal’s famous festivals, or come anytime to enjoy the nightlife.

4. Vancouver, British Columbia

Granville Street, the city’s own version of Las Vegas, is home to countless bars, clubs, and live music venues that will make your bachelorette party a night to remember! Vancouver has an added value of being one of the safest cities on the list.

3. Dallas, Texas

Sports bars, comedy clubs, and restaurants owned by celebrity chefs make Dallas a top destination for your bachelorette party. Don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots!

2. Denver, Colorado

If you and your friends are outdoorsy, then Colorado is the perfect place to celebrate. The Mile-High city offers brewery tours, museums, and nature trails, and some of the best snowboarding venues in the country.

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This Mexican city is known for its nightlife, and beaches, making it a popular spring break (and bachelorette) destination!

Try visiting any of these destinations in order to throw the perfect bachelorette party!

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