Top 10 Conversation Starters To Use On Your Gym Crush

Like lifting weights, finding love at the gym can be a lot easier than it seems. You might be someone who’d rather try your luck at approaching someone in the gym than a noisy bar, but you’re not sure how to go about it. As long as someone is interested in interacting with you (and not giving a death glare through their headphones at your approach), then by all means, don’t let yourself be intimidated! Here are some of the best to start a conversation with your potential swolemate.

10. “Have you taken a class with this instructor before?”

It’s flattering when someone wants to know your opinion, so asking your crush if they’ve taken a class with the instructor before can boost their ego and give them a chance to take the conversation further with you.

9. “Would you mind spotting me?”

Asking someone to spot you can serve as a great conversations starter, especially since it’s a normal thing to do for someone at the gym. You might end up chatting more about your love for fitness after this perfect icebreaker!

8. “Your movements are so smooth.”

This comment is a great conversation starter since it’s more than just a compliment on someone’s appearance. Tone and context are important for this line though, to prevent venturing into creepy territory. Smiling always helps!

7. “I like your shoes, are they comfortable?”

Similar to the last tip, this conversation starter is effective in giving a compliment that goes beyond physical appearance. Finding a pair of sneakers that you love can be tough, so even if this question falls through you’ll still hopefully get some solid shoe advice.

6. “You have awesome form!”

It’s no secret that most lifters work hard on improving their form, so giving someone a little recognition for their efforts can go a long way.

5. “I think you’d love this song for your workout playlist!”

SoulCycle instructor Emily Turner met her fiance after he asked her opinion on songs to play during a group spin class. Eventually, he asked her to get drinks and the rest is history!

4. “I feel like we go to all of the same classes.”

If you’ve been seeing your gym crush pretty often, it’s natural to comment on it. It’s more than likely that they’re thinking the same thing!

3. “Where did you get that top?”

Like gym shoes, finding the perfect gym outfit that’s fashionable, functional, and affordable can be quite a challenge. If your crush has good taste, you have the perfect way to get their attention and give a compliment by asking him or her where they like to shop.

2. “Do you know what this machine does?”

This question is really effective if you’ve recently started a gym membership, and are still unfamiliar with the equipment layout. Most people are eager to help out new gym-goers, making this conversation starter an easy way to land yourself a new lifting partner, and potentially a date!

1. “Where did you get those headphones?”

A majority of gym-goers come well-prepared to their workouts with a playlist in tow. If you’re looking to bring your music along with you, but unsure which headphones are best for your goals, then go ahead and ask your crush! Even if the conversation doesn’t go any further, you’ll still walk away with helpful headphone advice.

Use these conversation starters as “ins” to find your swolemate!

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