National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2018: Best Recipes & Sales

Raise your hand if you love chocolate chip cookies! Ruth Wakefield Graves created chocolate chip cookies when she chopped up bits of semi-sweet chocolate to toss into the thin butterscotch cookies she served at her restaurant.  No surprise, but she served them with ice cream and people LOVED them. Honestly, bless her because chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies out there! Forget cookies with raisins or nuts, chocolate chips are where it’s at.

In honor of August 4th being National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, here are the best places to get cookies and a recipe if you want to get cooking!

Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A has the best chocolate chip cookies and they warm them up for you. You’re welcome.

Panera Bread

Panera does really good chocolate chip cookies, too.  I’m a chocolate chip cookie aficionado so I would know.

Levain Cookies

If you live in New York, do yourself a favor, TRY these. They’re the best cookies ever.

Mrs. Fields

The smell of these cookies at the mall. Ahh. So good and they’re usually always fresh. Plus they have every type of chocolate chip cookie possible.

Milk Jar Cookies

Check out this spot in LA for delicious chocolate chip cookies and all types of cookies for those that don’t like chocolate!

Flour Bakery

If you’re in Boston or Cambridge, MA, check out Flour bakery!

Sprinkles Icecream

Check out Sprinkles ice cream for cookies and ice cream sandwiches from the famous cupcake shop!


I can attest to this being the best recipe because it’s what I use every time I make cookies and people love it! It’s easy enough but definitely more work than just placing premade dough on a sheet. The good thing is, it makes a lot of dough so you can put it in the freezer to save for another day!

Not so great in the kitchen? Here’s a simple recipe, only 6 required for bomb chocolate chip cookies!

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