5 Signs Your Drinking Habits Are Affecting Your Relationship

Social drinking with your partner or going out with your friends can be a fun way to relax and let loose, everyone does it from time to time. Choosing to go out every weekend or a few nights a week usually isn’t a bad thing, you’re adults it’s something you’re allowed to do.

If you find yourself just enjoying a drink with your partner from time to time or having one wild night together, you are just fine. However, if you two find yourselves always searching for a reason to get drunk or drink all night, every night, it might be time to evaluate your habits.

Drinking in excessive amounts can not only affect your health and mentality, but it can become an issue within your relationship.

If you’re worried that you and your partner might be drinking too much and it’s affecting your relationship, check out these five signs and start spending more time together instead of spending time with alcohol.

You Two Can’t Go One Night Without Drinking At Least One Drink



It’s always nice to get home from work and enjoy a nice cold beer or pour yourself a glass of wine, but you should never let that become too much of a habit. Having one drink a night isn’t the end of the world, but when it’s expected that’s when it becomes a problem.

Basically, if you two seem to be reaching for a drink before you even talk about how your day went, it might be time to pull back on the alcohol. You should be excited to see your partner when you get home, not the wine bottle first.

One Of You Isn’t Being Honest About How Much You’re Drinking



Usually, if a couple tends to be drinking a lot, one of them had to be the start of it all. Social drinking isn’t a bad thing, even if you two have one drink almost every day, typically it’s OK.

However, if one of you seems to keep drinking all night long every night, even after the other has gone to bed, it might be time to evaluate your drinking habits. If you’ve been hiding how much you’re drinking, talk to your partner. It’s better to open up instead of keeping it hidden.

You Tend To Spend All Your Time Together Drinking



Going out for dinner and having a couple of drinks can be enjoyable and a fun night out for a couple. Or even staying in and ordering take-out while splitting a bottle of wine can be an excellent way to let go of your day’s stress.

If you find yourself doing this almost every night or seem to be looking for reasons to always be drinking together you might want to slow down. Drinking shouldn’t be the only thing you two love to do. Enjoy time together doing other things and let drinking be for special nights.

Drinking Has Taken Priority Over The Relationship



If you two find yourselves wanting to go out every night and drinking until the early morning or always coming home and splitting a bottle of wine drinking has become too much of a priority in your relationship.

Instead of going out try going on a walk or going on a date that doesn’t involve drinking. Find other ways to enjoy your relationship besides paring it with alcohol. Your love wasn’t built on drinking it was made on your time spent together, always remember that.

One Or Both Of You Are Worried About How Much You’re Drinking



If you find yourself relating to the above topics odds are one or both of you are becoming a little worried about your drinking habits. Instead of stressing on the fact that you two seem to be drinking too much, try talking it out.

Maybe there is a reason you two seem to be drinking a lot, or maybe you just didn’t realize how much you two were drinking. Either way, it’s always best to deal with the situation head-on and talk about it before things escalate to something more serious.

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