10 Struggles Of Being The Only Couple In Your Friend Group

Finding someone you really connect with is extremely rewarding, and even more so if your significant other is someone who used to be a platonic friend of yours. By the time you even became a couple, you already knew all the basic stuff about each other and felt comfortable around one another. Another benefit is that you guys likely have the same friends who will be excited to see you happy together!

There can be some challenges to being the only couple in a friend group, though, and here are a few.

1. Making plans is trickier because you want to consult your S.O.

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Someone in the group invites you to a party and you want to say yes, but was your significant other planning to take you out to dinner to celebrate their new promotion? Probably not, but maybe? You feel like you should check. While your significant other certainly shouldn’t dominate your whole life, making plans with friends can be a little harder when you have a second person’s schedule to consider.

2. You have to be cautious about going to mutual friends for advice.

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Girls tell each other everything. That’s just a fact of life. However, what you can and can’t say about your S.O. becomes more complicated if your friends are also their friends; you wouldn’t want to reveal any private information because that could be very uncomfortable for everyone and upset the dynamics of the group. You’re probably going to have to turn to friends that your S.O. doesn’t know when you need serious advice about the relationship.


3. You’ve got a whole group to weigh in on arguments.

In the event that you and your S.O. do confide in your friends that you’re having a disagreement of any kind, you have an entire jury to determine who’s guilty. This is convenient if your partner is in the wrong, but not so much if they claim that you’re to blame.

4. Your friends ask many personal questions about the relationship.

Even if you try to keep things a little more private, your mutual friends are still going to feel like they have the right to ask how often you [insert random sex act here] with your partner, or even ask whether you’re thinking of marrying them even if that hasn’t come up in the relationship yet. Just remember that you don’t have to answer anything that you don’t want to!

5. You guys are the butt of the jokes.


Your single friends are going to make fun of you guys for being that one couple. They’re going to talk about how you’re “practically married” and they’re going to make fun of literally any amount of PDA, even if you’re just holding hands. Conversely, if you don’t physically display your affection, they’ll make fun of you for being awkward and rigid. There’s no way to win. Just go with it.


6. You have nobody to do “couple activities” with.

Your friends don’t want to stay in on Thursday for game night. No, they don’t care that you have Monopoly and Sorry. Unless a whole bunch of people come and it becomes a genuine party, staying in to do “couple activities” with you guys will probably make them feel like third (or fourth or fifth) wheels and nobody wants to be the extra wheel.

7. You always need to ask for a plus one.

One of the benefits of having a significant other is that you always have a plus one to bring to parties and weddings, should one be provided. But one of the struggles of having a S.O. when nobody else in your circle does is that you sometimes feel compelled to ask for a plus one if the opportunity isn’t offered up. Your friends will probably be fine having your S.O. along–it likely just didn’t occur to them.

8. Your complaints in life are invalidated.

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If you have truly good friends, this shouldn’t be an issue, but some people think that a relationship status is the most important signifier of happiness (false) and that since you have a significant other, there can’t possibly be anything wrong with your life (also false). Never mind that your grades are falling or your family member is sick or you didn’t win the student government election–some friends will simply say, “Yeah, but at least you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.” That’s not okay. Go find some better friends if that’s how they respond.

9. You miss out on the “single” stuff.

If you’re with the right person, you should be happy in your relationship and not want to see other people. However, it’s easy to feel like you are missing out when you hear about your friends going out and having fun, swiping right on super hot people, and coming back with hilarious stories from Tinder dates. Just remember that they’re looking for what you already have.


10. You guys suddenly become the relationship experts.

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Congrats, you are now the mom and dad of the friend group and since you’re the only successful couple, everyone is going to come to you for relationship advice. Even if you feel completely unqualified to give out any advice because you just got lucky enough to meet the right person at the right time, you better think of something to say to your friend’s relationship dilemma because she’ll be expecting an answer ASAP.

Congrats on finding someone who you can Netflix and chill with on the daily and remember that one day your friends will find their TV-watching partners, too.

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