The Cops Were Called On Kendall Jenner Because Her Dog Reportedly Bit A Little Girl

The Kardashians new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is clogging headlines, but this new Kar-Jen news is not KUWTK related. SUpposedly Kendall Jenner’s dog bit a little girl.

According to TMZ, Jenner was out with her rumored boyfriend, NBA star, Ben Simmons at Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles on August 5. The model brought her Doberman Pinscher along for the lunch date. The two were on the patio of the restaurant eating and her dog was reportedly harnessed.

A mother and young daughter were also on the patio and supposedly Jenner’s dog nipped at the girl. There was so puncture wound from the bite, so the deli staff just gave the girl ice and thought it was over.

TMZ reports that when the mom came back outside to the patio Jenner and Simmons paid and left. They didn’t leave any contact information, which I think makes sense because it seems like the problem was solved. But the mom called the cops. The case was given to Animal Control and there were no paramedics called for the girl’s injuries.

After TMZ broke the story a source told them that Jenner’s dog never actually made contact with the kid. Her dog was just startled by the girl but never bit her. The source also said that Jenner didn’t pay and ditch the situation. She made sure the girl didn’t suffer any injuries before leaving the deli.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to defend her sister because people are getting the story twisted. She said that Jenner is the most “generous, compassionate person” she knows and that her “standoffish” personality is rooted in her anxiety.

Jenner and Simmons were rumored to be dating at the end of May 2018. The romance comes after Jenner broke up with NBA star Blake Griffin and Simons broke up with singer Tinashe.

It’s uncertain when Jenner got her dog, but she’s only recently been posting pictures and videos of her dog to her social media.

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