15 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better After A Horrible Day

Had a bad day recently? The kind of day where everything goes wrong, you have horrible luck, you’re annoyed and everything just seems never-ending. I think everybody has had one before and they’re actually awful but you’re probably going to have one again someday. Maybe you hate your job or school is really tough? You’re dealing with a lot so you’re probably having those days more often.

Whatever it may be, here are some tips to make yourself feel better after a really bad day!

Create a ritual.


Maybe you take a bath and do a face mask after a bad day. Or maybe you turn off all the lights in your apartment and binge watch Netflix with a glass of wine. Whatever it is, create a ritual so you have something to look forward to when you come home after having a bad day.

Buy or pick flowers.


Sounds corny but it’s the little things that make you feel better! Buying or picking fresh flowers are always a breath of fresh air, literally.

Take a nap.


Close your eyes. Let your mind drift off and cry if you need too.


Make cookies.


If cooking makes you feel better then go find a new recipe you want to try. Maybe make dinner or cookies! Something to clear your mind.

Dance it out.


Put on your favorite dance song and dance around, carefree for as long as you can! You’ll feel revitalized after and it’ll clear your mind.

Hug your pet.


Upset? Hug your dog and you have a 99% chance of feeling better. Pets know when you need some extra love.


Reach out to a friend and go to happy hour.


Reach out to a good friend and go have a drink! Clear your mind or vent about your day.  Either way, good friends are good for the soul.

Take a long bath.


Like a bath, bath bombs, candles, dimmed lights, essential oils and a glass of wine. Do the whole shebang. Treat yourself and relax!

Watch something funny.


If you have a bad day, find something to watch that will make you laugh! Whether you find YouTube videos or a new Netflix series.


Find a new book.


Pick up a book that you can totally escape in. Whether it’s a romance novel or a mystery-crime novel. You want something that will distract you.

Get sweaty.


A good workout will totally clear your mind. Go to the gym, take your favorite workout class or maybe a mind-clearing, yoga class.

Go for a drive.


Turn on your favorite song, go for a drive and just clear your mind. Try it! It’s more relaxing then it sounds.


Make a list.


Make a list of your blessings and everything you love. Chances are you’ll feel way better after and you’ll have a new frame of mind.

Treat yourself.


Had a really, horrible bad day? If all else fails, treat yourself! Buy the new shoes you’ve been eyeing or the new lipstick you want to try.  Go get a mani + pedi! Even if it’s a little something it’s still a little boost!



Find an app and take some time to meditate and clear your mind. This may not work for everyone but it’s worth a shot!

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