Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Must-See Photos Of The Couple

Pop princess Ariana Grande and her funnyman bae Pete Davidson totally shocked the world when they announced that they planned to wed after just a few WEEKS of dating in June 2018. Earlier in the year, Grande, who was in a long-term relationship with ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, had announced that she and Miller had decided to mutually split due to their conflicting and busy schedules.

Following the abrupt split, Grande’s fans were naturally shocked when it was revealed that Grande had begun a summer romance with Saturday Nigh Live star and actor Pete Davidson, just days after announcing her split from Miller.

Since word got out that the two were dating, they have been in heavy rotation in the media and online. Despite only being together for a short time, the couple has been taking their fans for a wild ride of their whirlwind romance, documenting big moments on their Twitter and Instagram pages.

The couple, first met back in 2016, when Grande was a guest on SNL but the pair didn’t officially get together until 2018.

Grande and Davidson have been far from shy about their relationship since going public and almost immediately, the two began posting photos of one another on Instagram. Back in May, Davidson shared with fans the couple’s love for Harry Potter when he posted a photo of him and his boo posing together wearing robes from the beloved film and book series.

Despite constantly showing love to one another on Twitter and Instagram, there were some moments where the couple just wanted to lay low. Back in May when the couple had just begun dating, Grande decided to show up and support her man at his standup comedy shows.

Just days later, Davidson and Grande made headlines when Davidson posted photos of two new tattoos dedicated to his beloved girlfriend–Grande’s signature bunny ears logo and her initials “AG.”

When they weren’t posting photos of the two goofing around on Instagram, Davidson and Grande were flirting with one another on Twitter.

…Or playing with filters on Snapchat.

…Or riding rollercoasters at Disneyland.

Oh,…and getting engaged after just a few weeks of dating.

Naturally, it only made sense that since the pair were about to become man and wife that the two get a place together so that’s exactly what they did. The couple has decided to cohabitate in the city that never sleeps, New York City.

Since making New York home the couple has become a constant fixture for paparazzi, like the time they went furniture shopping.

Or the time they went out to eat for date night.

Or the time Grande was snapped doing this with a lollipop while playfully looking at her fiance.

Fans nearly lost their minds when the couple made an appearance together on Jimmy Fallon.

And our hearts were swooning when the two were snapped having some fun together shopping.

And despite having the paparazzi on them practically 24/7, we’re reminded that Grande and Davidson are just like us and need to go grocery shopping from time to time.

With the couple constantly posting about their love for one another on Twitter and Instagram, their incessant display of PDA in the streets of NYC, and their “too-cute for words” intimate moments with one another, it’s hard not to get on the Grande/Davidson train and enjoy the ride they are taking us on.

Buckle up!

What’s your favorite Grande/Davidson moment the couple has had so far?

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