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English singer and songwriter Elena Jane Goulding, known professionally as Ellie Goulding, has solidified her spot in the music industry after spending years working her way up the ladder and perfecting her craft.

The blonde beauty first got her start in the music industry in 2009 and just one year, with her 2010 hit single “Lights,” Goulding quickly found herself on the fast track to success which included successful follow-ups, “Anything Could Happen,” “On My Mind” and her Grammy-nominated hit from Fifty Shades of Grey, “Love Me Like You Do.”

With Goulding’s success though, she’s had her fair share of Hollywood heartbreaks, and made some beautiful music together with some of her former flames as well.

Let’s take a closer look at Goulding’s sizzling love life.

Greg James 2009-2011


Prior to exploding on the music scene in 2010, Goulding dated fellow Brit and radio DJ Greg James. The pair began dating in 2009 and were an item for two years before breaking things off in 2011 in the midst of Goulding’s budding career.

Skrillex 2012


Just one year later, Goulding moved on to another DJ, only this one was well known American and Grammy-winning dubstep DJ Skrillex. The couple reportedly began dating in February of 2012. The hot new couple were rumored to be moving in with one another but broke up in October 2012 before those rumors became a reality.

Jeremy Irvine 2012-2013


Goulding’s next relationship came just one month later with English actor and heartthrob Jeremy Irvine. The dreamy-eyed actor who made his film debut in the epic war film War Horse has a budding career of his own including starring roles in films Great Expectations and Now Is Good. The pair dated for just 10 months before breaking up.

Calvin Harris 2013


Goulding gave Hollywood romances another shot after her breakup with Irvine and soon began dating mega producer, songwriter, DJ and singer Calvin Harris. The pair met while on set together but the romance fizzled out after just one month.

Niall Horan 2013


Following her abbreviated romance with Harris, Goulding had a 27-day fling with Irish singer Niall Horan. According to some reports, Goulding and Horan first got together while attending the V Festival, where they were spotted kissing. Various reports claim that the duo split for multiple reasons including Horan’s young age, Horan’s desire to explore and date other women, and Goulding’s flirty relationship with Horan’s friend, Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran 2013


Interestingly enough, Goulding’s rumored flirty relationship with Sheeran was a confirmed fling. Both Sheeran and Goulding were spotted holding hands with one another at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. However, when asked about their relationship a month later, Sheeran admitted (and confirmed) that the fling was over.

Dougie Poynter 2013-2016


Following her string of flings, Goulding began dating bassist Dougie Poynter toward the end of 2013. The couple dated a little over two years before ultimately splitting in 2016.

Prince Harry 2016


Before Prince Harry took himself off the market and settled down with Meghan Markle, it’s been said that Harry had a fling with fellow Brit Goulding some time ago. The dates of their fling are still said to be unknown, but it was reported that a few years ago Harry and Goulding got very cozy with one another at the Audi Polo challenge in Coworth Park, Berkshire, in 2016. Rumor has it that Goulding and Harry were spotted sharing a kiss and were “all over one another.”

Bobby Rich 2016


Goulding’s next relationship came just weeks later when she began dating martial arts expert Bobby Rich. The couple dated for one year before breaking things off.

Caspar Jopling 2017-Present


In March 2017 Goulding began dating Corporate Development & Strategy Officer Caspar Jopling. Since their relationship began, Jopling has kept a relatively low profile on social media and with the media in regards to his life and his relationship with Goulding. On August 7, 2018, several outlets reported that the pair had gotten engaged after one year of dating.


Ellie Goulding got engaged to boyfriend Caspar Jopling in 2018, after a year of dating continuously.

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