10 Must Know Tips For Studying Abroad In London

Studying abroad can be so exciting! You’re headed off to a new place. You’ll meet tons of new people and see tons of new places. Depending on where you’re taking your classes, you might be getting a new perspective on things too.

Here are some must-know tips for studying abroad in London whether it comes to getting used to the weather or places to go.

1. Carry An Umbrella


Despite the stereotypes, it doesn’t rain in London 24/7. But what does happen somewhat frequently are sudden downpours that are miserable to be in without protection. So carry an umbrella for some peace of mind.

2. Get A Hang On The Slang


You know, the lingo. The vernacular, etc. Some people consider British slang to be somewhat of an art form and getting a hang on it can take some time. Check out this list for some of the most common slang terms. But don’t worry, before you know it, you’ll get a hang of the slang and be able to bring some of it home with you.

3. Be Aware Of The Humor


The British love to use “irony” in their humor and it can often come off as insulting. A dry delivery of jokes is also common, but don’t be put off by it. Check out a guide to British humor here.


4. People In London Are Reserved


It is unusual to be “friendly” like people are in other places, like saying good morning or smiling at strangers. It is also harder to make friends in London beyond your study abroad group, but it’s not impossible. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the way things are.

5. Explore Places Beyond London


Studying abroad in London is an amazing way to broaden your Horizons. Don’t just focus on knowing every part of London while you’re there. Dabble in other parts of England too. Your study abroad program may also host trips to different countries. Be sure to sign up for them.

6. Know That Places Close Early


The majority of shops in London close early, around 5:00 P.M. or 6:00 P.M. (And are open late on Thursday–7:00 P.M.).


7. Students Get Discounted Public Transport


Get an Oyster Card. Don’t waste money on Ubering everywhere. Check out this article to see just how a student Oyster photocard works and some other discounts you can get as a student.

8. Going Out Is Super Expensive


Be smart while going out on the town in London, because it can get super expensive. Try to pre-game before you go out and hit the clubs early to get in for free or at a discount.

Many bars and pubs also have happy hour discounts if you want to get some interesting drinks. Check out this article for ways that you can save some of your money while going out in London so you don’t spend all of your money.

9. Walk Places


If you don’t already go to college in a city, you’ll soon find out how much city dwellers walk. It is good to get on the tube for longer distances or if you’re on a time crunch, but walking places is super good too. You’ll get to explore the outer workings of London and observe the people. Walking around the city is the perfect way to get to know it.


10. Check Out The Free Museums


There are plenty of awesome free museums in London. Be sure to check them out while you’re there and check out this list for some awesome free museums.

Good luck with your time in London. You got this!

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