5 Tell-Tale Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

If I had a nickel for every guy I’ve ever liked who wasn’t interested in me, I’d have no problem booking my Labor Day flights right now. Hell, I’d be rich enough to buy a small city for the weekend. Okay, I haven’t actually been rejected that many times, but we all know the feeling of getting caught in a tug-of-war of “I think he likes me! No, wait, maybe he just treats other girls like that, too.” Every guy is different, but aside from—you know—straight up asking him if he likes you and getting a “no” in response. Watch out for these signs that he’s just not interested.

1. He doesn’t try to learn more about you.

He doesn’t need to go all Sherlock Holmes on you, but asking questions about your likes, dislikes, habits and interests are a sign that he genuinely wants to know more about what makes you tick. If you find yourself doing all the asking—especially when he has every opportunity in the world to at least ask you how your day was but doesn’t—you might want to consider walking away.

2. He literally never initiates the conversation.

Sure, he might respond to your frantic 1 A.M. texts about the fire alarm that went off in your dorm room again, but if you’re always the one starting the conversation, maybe you should ask yourself why. Did you do that? Did you ask yourself why? Good. Now ask yourself why you’re still trying to go out with this guy. Relationships should be a two-way street. You shouldn’t have to be the one doing all the work!

3. He’d rather do other things than hang out with you.

Not that we’re begging for his company anyway because we totally have much cooler friends to hang out with, *flips hair.” But if he comes up with some lame excuse every time you ask if he wants to hang out, he’s not someone you should spend any more time on. Dub me once, shame on you. Dub me 20 times, shame on me.

4. You STILL don’t have his number.

Snapchat messages are basically the only contact you have with this guy, and you’ve only been talking for the entire freakin’ school year. In college, most people are quick to give out their phone numbers so they can keep in touch with the new people they meet and maybe even become friends. If he’s not coughing up those digits, he probably doesn’t want you to have them.

5. He sends you one-word text message responses.

Now, this is just a slap in the face. You put too much effort into typing a paragraph of text for him to only respond with “haha” or—everyone’s favorite—hit you with a “K.” If he doesn’t even take the time to think of a thoughtful response, then it shows that he doesn’t care enough to keep the conversation going. Boy, bye! Girl, you’re better off without him.

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