Top 10 Most Famous Instagram Cats Accounts You Should Follow

Everyone needs a daily dose of cuteness in their life, especially on International Cat Day (August 8, 2018). But, if you’re not following these 10 purr-fect kitty Instagrams accounts, you could be missing out MAJORLY! Whether you’re just looking to celebrate International Cat Day, or you’re prepping to become a crazy cat lady, check out the list below and prepare for a cuteness overload. You’ve been warned!

1. @nala_cat

With 3.6 million followers, Nala is Instagram’s most famous cat. She even holds a Guinness World Record for her popularity!

2. @samhaseyebrows

Sam possesses a unique feature that most other cats do not: eyebrows. His beautiful black eyebrows make for several very expressive faces.

3. @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Sure, every cat has facial hair. But Hamilton’s is much more unique! Oh, and don’t bother asking whether his mustache is real- it is.

4. @pudgethecat

Pudge does everything that you would expect from a cat celebrity. She makes convention appearances and does photo shoots, all while still having enough time to run her Instagram account.

5. @snoopybabe

Without a doubt, Snoopy wins yearbook superlatives for fluffiest coat and sweetest face.

6. @realgrumpycat

It’s surprising how happy it is looking at pictures of a seemingly miserable kitty. Of course, that’s why 2.5 million people follow Tard on Instagram.

7. @princessmonstertruck

Despite her tough exterior and her being rescued from the mean streets of New York City, Princess Monster truck is big ol’ (fluffy) softie.

8. @iamlilbub

Born the runt of a healthy litter of feral cats, Lil Bub has gone on to become a published author, a talk show host, a movie star and has helped to raise over $300,000 for animals in need. Not to mention, she’s also Instagram famous.

9. @rexiecat

Rexie is a handicapped cat with only two working feet but, thanks to her set of pink wheels, her disability does not mean inability.

10. @cats_of_instagram

Technically this is not one Instagram Kitty, but many. Check out this account if you want to explore the wider world of cats on Instagram. You’ll be glad that you did!

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