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Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our heart-throb Shawn Mendes! Shawn is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter. After uploading a series of his cover versions to various video-sharing sites he quickly earned a dedicated following that he cultivated through social media outlets. Shawn gained recognition on YouTube and Vine through his affiliation with the popular Vine group Magcon Boys alongside Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and others. His talent, boyish good looks and built-in fan base quickly landed him a record deal.

Although he has been dubbed “the next Justin Bieber” since both are good-looking, successful and Canadian, Shawn’s acoustic-driven and catchy songs are more aligned with his idol Ed Sheeran’s musical style and Mendes quickly transitioned to writing his own songs. His loyal fans (of mostly teenage girls) have supported his seven platinum-selling hits, as well as arena-size world tours, both as an opening act for Taylor Swift and as a headliner.

In 2014 Shawn released his Island Records debut, The Shawn Mendes EP, which soared to no. 5 on the music charts with sales topping 100,000. In 2015 he released his full-length debut, Handwritten, which came out at No. 1 in both the U.S. and Canada. The single “Stitches” fared even better by reaching no. 1 in European music charts and the Top Ten in North America. Shawn issued Live at Madison Square Garden, followed by a world tour in 2017. After releasing another Top 10 hit with “There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back,” Mendes also made a record with MTV Unplugged.

Shawn and his team plan to dedicate most of 2018 to working on his third studio album. “We have spent a month in Los Angeles,” Shawn told NME in November. “I think people will be surprised, but I’m not sure about the sound yet. I’m still exploring and trying to figure myself out. Anything is possible.” In order to celebrate his special day here are some of his best song lyrics!

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“Got a feeling that I’m going under, but I know that I’ll make it out alive.”

“I’ll stop time for you, the second you say you’d like me too.”

“You’ve got a hold of me, don’t even know your power.”

“Am I just hanging on to all the words she used to say?”

“Something big I feel it happening.”

“When it gets hard, don’t be afraid.”

“Darling, don’t you know that I’m the only one for ya?”

“If something doesn’t change, then we’ll keep on sinking further.”

“Let your dreams take flight.”

“Can’t seem to let you go, can’t seem to keep you close.”

“Show me an open door. Then you go and slam it on me. I can’t take anymore”

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“I just wanna give you the loving that you’re missing. Baby, just to wake up with you”

“We’re going through the motions. Cause we can’t fix what’s broken. Those three empty words. Will only make it worse/ I’m tired, I can’t take it anymore”

“Thought I was strong enough for you. But I just can’t hide the truth. So I guess I’m going down”

“And I don’t wanna let it slip away. I’ve been living only for this moment. And I don’t know how much that I can take”

“Am I turning into someone else? I’m praying that I don’t forget just who I am”

“I can’t remember being small. I try to figure it out. I can’t seem to find out how. I guess I don’t know much at all”


Happy Birthday, Shawn Mendes! Keep doing what you’re doing because you always melt our hearts. We all can’t wait to see what big things are coming in 2018.

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