5 Ways To Cope When Your Crush Is Already Taken

Crushing on someone can be fun and exciting and give you that butterflies in the stomach sort of feeling, who can relate? But one of the worst ways to find out that crush will never be anything more is when you find out they’re dating someone else.

Of course, it’s heartwrenching and destroys all your dreams of being with them, but really what can do you about it? Odds are they’re not going to leave their partner for you and even if that happens, what will that say about their character?

Even though crushing on someone who is already taken sucks, here are five ways for you to cope with the pain and keep moving forward.

Don’t Become The “Other Woman”


Even though you are crushing hard on this person that doesn’t mean you have to become their “other woman.” If they seem to be flirting with you when their partner isn’t around or they come to you for relationship advice, knowing you are into them, stay strong and don’t feed into it.

For starters, this should show you they aren’t faithful and wouldn’t treat you right and who knows what drama will stir up if you do happen to become their side chick.

Don’t Hate On Their Partner


Sure you want to be their girlfriend but don’t be spiteful towards their current lover, it’s not their fault. If your crush is happy in a relationship, it sucks, but you have to respect both sides.

Be happy about your crush’s happiness and do your best to not get in the way of their current relationship. There are plenty of other people out there waiting to see how great you are!

Only Interact When It’s Necessary


If you’re finding it hard to let go of your crush when you know they’re in a relationship, take a step back and don’t hang around them as much. Of course, you want to be around them, but it may be doing more harm than good.

Take some time to separate yourself from them and only be around them when it’s necessary. It will help you get over your crush and stop the heartache.

Stop Stalking Them Online


With social media being so prominent it’s so easy to stalk well… everyone. Whether it’s your celebrity crush or your real life crush sometimes stalking them creates a false reality in your head.

Ease back on the daily social media checkups and start living your own life. It’s time to focus on yourself and your friends instead of something that isn’t meant to be.

Get Yourself Back Out There


Like we said before, there are plenty of people out there for you so stop settling on the one you can’t have. Of course, you can’t help who you’re crushing on, but sometimes it’s best to just get yourself back to dating around.

Even if you don’t find the right person, what’s the harm in going on a few dates? It will show you that there are people out there who cherish you and want to give you their time.

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