Instagram Vs. Real Life Makeup Looks Are Trending Online & Things Are Getting Real

With the recent influx of social media influencers and beauty gurus taking over on YouTube and our Instagram feeds, social media trends and challenges have become a major key to makeup artists and beauty influencers staying on trend and in the mix. With beauty and makeup trends constantly and rapidly changing at the drop of a dime, it can be hard to keep up with what’s buzzing. Well now, beauty lovers in the makeup world are taking an old trend and adding a fresh new twist that has LITERALLY got the beauty world talking.

The “Instagram Makeup” trend is nothing new and has been floating around for months. The trend which was practically started eons ago copies the over the top looks ou find on Instagram. Quickly makeup artists, beauty bloggers and social media influencers were popping up on the ‘gram with colorful cut creased eyes, blinding and over-the-top highlight and perfectly arched comic-book style brows. The look quickly became common amongst the beauty and makeup enthusiasts and now the once popular trend has become quite the norm as you scroll through your feed.

Well now, it seems as though the trend has resurfaced, but in a fresh new way.

Lately, makeup artists and influencers have been taking their IG makeup to a new level and turning the dramatic-style look into a “real life” trend. Artists and influencers are now taking to the ‘gram posting selfies of themselves with their “Instagram inspired” makeup look, framed by a box meant to mimic the frame of an Instagram post.

The added detail and twist to the old trend has quickly picked up steam in the beauty blogger world and has been featured more and more on the social media platform. Beauty vlogger Dominic Porras is noted as being one of the first social media stars to come up with the trend. Last month Porras posted a stunning makeup look on his feed, cleverly making a play on words and poking fun at the “picture perfect” makeup movement that’s taken over social media.

Porras’ look has since taken off and as a result, has inspired several other makeup influencers to try out the trend. Aside from sparking a “new/old trend,” Porras has inadvertently sparked a much-needed convo within the beauty community that’s been brewing for months. Porras’ real life vs IG makeup trend  further goes to show that at the end of the day, makeup or how you look does not have to be picture-perfect; and that what’s done for the Gram is far from real and is the result of some highly detailed editing, a lot of dedicated time, and great lighting.

Take a look at more photos of the trend that’s sweeping the beauty world and let us know if you’re here for it or over it.


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