South Carolina Schools Are Letting Students Out Early For Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Concert

Beyonce has been compared to God before, so much so that she’s had to reassure her fans that she isn’t one. But still, God or not, there is no denying Beyonce is one of the greatest performers of our time. Right now Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are on tour, On The Run II, promoting their individual and joint work. Recently the two dropped a new album, Everything Is Love, and it does NOT disappoint.

People are turning out for OTR II and in anticipation, for the crazy concert day, a school in South Carolina is letting their students out early for Bey and Jay. The two billionaires will be stopping at the University of South Carolina on August 21. The football stadium has 80,000 seats and we have no doubt that they will mostly, if not all, be filled.

Beyonce posted a video of the crowd leaving their show in Glasgow and it makes sense why these schools are preparing for crazy traffic.

According to The State, several Richland 1 schools will be closing early so school buses won’t get stuck in the concert traffic. The concert begins at 7:30 P.M. but fans are known to get to the venue hours beforehand.

“We are going to dismiss these schools early on Aug. 21 due to the heavy traffic anticipated for the concert,” district spokeswoman Karen York told The State. “Bus routes for these si schools run through or near the stadium area. We are hoping that dismissing these schools early will reduce the likelihood that buses transporting those students home would be delayed by the concert traffic.”

Only six schools in the district are leaving early, while unfortunately, the other schools will have a regular full day of school.

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