Here’s Meghan Markle’s Diet & It’s Totally Doable

Since Meghan Markle became part of the Royal Family, everyone has been dying to know everything about her! Her beauty/skincare routine, her favorite clothes, how she does her hair and what she eats.  There is definitely a fascination and it’s totally warranted because she’s beautiful, classy and totally killing her new role as Duchess in the Royal Family.

When you think of Meghan’s diet don’t you think of it being filled with tea, scones, Yorkshire pudding and everything else that’s part of a British diet?  Well not actually.

In this article from Delish, we found Meghan’s day to day diet and we’re happy to report that it’s totally doable and not just lettuce and ice cubes.

Let’s take a look at what Meghan eats in a day!


Like many, Meghan starts the day off with warm water and lemon. It’s supposed to be amazing for skin, boosting the metabolism and cleansing the body. It’s so easy but if only we could start it.

Oatmeal with bananas is next on the list. Simple and she also likes a little bit of agave drizzle!  Doable and sounds delish.


Lean protein on a salad.  Isn’t this what every celebrity eats for lunch? It’s not surprising, totally healthy and a grilled chicken salad actually sounds delish.


Meghan like all of us appreciates a good snack!  Her snack of choice is an apple with almond butter.  It’s not Cheetos but we can still stand by it.

Green juice. Meghan did say that a green juice isn’t her favorite but she drinks them for the overall health benefits you get from them.

Raw almonds.  About as healthy as you can get! They help keep your skin clear and they’re a good source of protein.


Pasta with a healthy, vegetable sauce! Meghan loves carbs so she always makes room for pasta or french fries. We totally feel her!


Meghan loves wine! She loves a red in the fall and a rosé in the summer.  She also prefers wine over chocolate!

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