7 Best Purchases To Make For Your Freshman Year Of College

The school year is just around the corner, and for all you college freshman, it’s time to get thinking about some last minute things you’ll need for your college experience.

There are plenty of checklists for you to follow, some from your school and others from your friends and family, but what about one from a former college freshman?

You won’t know exactly everything you’ll need until you get to school and figure it out along the way. However, check out these seven purchases you should make before starting the year off. The advice is totally going to be worth it.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Living in a dorm room means sleeping on not-so-glamourous mattresses. Instead of throwing your Twin XL sheets on those cot-like beds invest in a memory foam mattress topper.

They aren’t the cheapest purchase but are totally worth it! They will make the world of a difference for a good night’s sleep and your back’s comfort.

If you don’t like memory foam, any plush mattress topper will do the trick too. They work the same and are less expensive than the memory foam toppers.

Personal Planner


All your school life you’ve had to use your school provided planners and write down all your assignments, annoying right? Well even though you won’t be forced to do so in college, it might be in your best interest to just keep it going.

You can buy a planner that’s tailored to you and your needs instead of your school’s generic ones. You can also use it to add your social activities, club events and a budget plan for the school year.

Spotify Premium


Almost every college student has some sort of music stream service and some sort of movie and TV streaming service, but what if you could get both for the price of one?

Spotify offers a deal for college students to purchase Spotify premium at the student discount rate of $4.99/month, and they add a Hulu subscription on top of it.

Look no further for all your music, TV and movie streaming all college long.

Command Hooks


Command hooks may seem boring, but they come in handy much more than you think. As a freshman, you’ll want to hang up some of your favorite pictures, some cute fairy lights or anything your little heart desires.

The easiest way to hang your things without damaging your dorm room walls is by buying a bunch of different sizes of command hooks. They’re super easy to attach and will last all year long.

Portable Charger


Some of you incoming freshman may already have portable chargers; great you’re one step ahead of the game! For those who don’t, it’s probably smart to grab yourself one too.

They’re easy to just throw in your backpack or your purse so no matter where you go you’ll always have a phone charger.

You never know when you have to turn in an assignment last minute or when you’ll need to order delivery to a late night study sesh.

Heated Blanket


Dorm room air flow is always a guessing game, in the summer it’s too hot and in the winter it’s freezing cold. The good thing about summer is it doesn’t last too long into the school year, and it’s easier to cool down than warm up.

For the cold winter months, it’s best to invest in a nice heated blanket. They’re relatively inexpensive and really do the trick. No matter if it’s a cold winter night or you just want to snuggle up, heated blankets do the trick.

A Sturdy Umbrella


Freshman year your parents and other family members try to do their best to get you the necessities you need for college, dorm room decorations, school supplies, and everyday life needs like an umbrella.

Most of the time it’s an umbrella from the school bookstore that lasts one good rainy day and then blows away with one gust of wind. Have your family save their coins and instead invest in a little more expensive umbrella option.

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