5 Tips For Those That Struggle With Communication In Their Relationship

You’ve heard it before but communication in any relationship is extremely important. There are many different ways to communicate: face to face is generally the best but texting, calling and FaceTime can really help to make long distance relationships work nowadays. Texting, iMessage and all that is a great way to keep in contact throughout the day but what do you do if your partner doesn’t like to text? Or if your partner struggles with communication?

Communication can happen in a number of different ways so if it’s a struggle in your relationship, there are ways to fix it.  Here are 5 tips for those that struggle with communication in their relationship!

Talk in person.

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If your partner is bad at texting, communicate in person. This isn’t a bad thing because face to face communication in a relationship is always the best way to go. Texting can lead to misunderstandings because it’s hard to explicitly type out what you’re feeling and others can interpret it differently!

Texting doesn’t have a tone but if you know the person, you generally know when they’re annoyed or mad over text.

If they don’t want to text send them funny Instagrams or Tweets during the day. It sounds dumb but it’s a good way to stay in contact during the say. So is Snapchat!

If they don’t talk in person? That’s an issue but you can work towards it.  Keep reading for more tips if your partner doesn’t want to communicate in person!

Be flexible.

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If your partner struggles to communicate, be flexible in your thinking and how you try to solve issues. Be open to alternatives too!

You also have to take what they do communicate carefully because what they say will mean a lot when they do open up if they have a hard time communicating.

Use humor.

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Using humor will keep in light-hearted when you’re trying to talk about serious issues.  It could also help your partner to feel more comfortable! Don’t make it childish and not serious because that won’t get you anywhere but there is a way to use humor while still keeping the conversation serious.

Look at their actions.

communication relationship advice


Ever heard actions speak louder than words? Maybe they’re not good at telling you how much they appreciate you but they buy you your favorite flowers on random occasions or surprise you with tickets to your favorite concerts.  Actions like that show that they care and that they’re invested in you and the relationship.

Stay calm.

communication in relationship tips


If you’re trying to have a good conversation about your relationship and it’s not going well, stay calm.  Getting upset and lashing out will make it worst and your partner definitely won’t want to talk.

If your significant other won’t answer the phone or respond to your text, don’t keep reaching out and blowing up their phone.

If communication isn’t easy in your relationship, find your own way! Not every relationship is the same so do what works for yours. But, you want to figure out how to communicate with your partner because that’s extremely important if you want it to work!

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