Top 10 Affordable Museum Dates For College Students


It can be difficult to think new and exciting things to do with your significant other or to come up with an idea for a first Tinder date that doesn’t involve coffee or Netflix and chill. Don’t worry, though–these 10 museums in the U.S. are quirky and sure to keep you and bae entertained!

10. American Sign Museum

This wacky museum in Ohio is literally dedicated to the display of signs. This is definitely not a date you’ve been on before!

Price: $10 for students

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9. National Mustard Museum

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Have you ever wanted to see 5,000 different types of mustard? Have you ever wanted to go to a free mustard tasting? You can do both here!

Price: Free!

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8. World of Coca-Cola

This museum in Atlanta, Georgia speaks to me since I inhale Diet Coke 24/7. Learn all about your favorite beverage!

Price: $17 for adults

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7. Studio Be

The Studio Be gallery in New Orleans is anything but ordinary. The art in this 35,000 square foot warehouse explores African-American history, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, social activism, and New Orleans culture.

Price: $8 for students

Learn more here.

6. National Air and Space Museum

For all of you aspiring pilots, astronauts, and scientists out there–enjoy learning all about planes and rocket ships at this renowned museum in Washington, D.C.

Price: Free!

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5. Asheville Pinball Museum

This museum in North Carolina is incredibly unique. Once you pay the admission fee, you can try out more than 80 pinball machines. This is perfect for the gamer couple looking to try something a bit more vintage than the Xbox.

Price: $15

Learn more here.

4. National Museum of Funeral History

Ah, nothing says romance like reflecting upon your impending death. For the couple who’s interested in dead celebrities, funeral practices, or weird museums in general, this place in Houston is for you.

Price: $10 for adults

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3. Museum of Broken Relationships

This is only for the couples who have a sense of humor. To be honest, I’d go here on a date. You can roam around and look and all of the relics of relationships past and laugh–just try not to think too hard about how yours might be finite. Hilarious if you’re happily together, but maybe skip this one if you’re on the rocks.

Price: $15 for students

Learn more here.

2. Musical Instrument Museum

This is a must-see for musical couples. Take a look at instruments used by famous musicians, from Elvis to John Lennon to Taylor Swift, and if you’re looking to splurge you can even attend a concert there.

Price: $20 general, $15 for ages 19 and under

Learn more here.

1. Museum of Bad Art

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Normalmente​,​ visitas aos museus são para contemplar as melhores obras de grandes artistas,​ p​orém o Moba (Museum of Bad Art​​), localizado em Boston (EUA), exibe pinturas de autores desconhecidos e com características que não seriam aceitas nas casas tradicionais. Sendo o único desse ramo, o Moba foi criado quando o seu fundador, Scott Wilson, se interessou por um quadro encontrado no lixo, a partir daí dedicou-se a colecionar as pinturas mais feias descartadas sempre em busca da pior. Com a ajuda de sua mulher e amigos, Wilson fundou o museu sem fins lucrativos, com entrada gratuita e sustentado a partir de doações.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #augustusturismo #augustus #moba #museum #museu #museumofbadart #museudaarteruim #exposicao #obras #pintura #artista #boston #eua #estadosunidos

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Hey, not all of us can be Van Gogh, okay? If you’ve been to a trillion art museums and want to see something new and amusing, browse this museum of absolutely atrocious artwork. It’s undergoing construction right now but should be back very shortly!

Price: Free!

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