National Vinyl Record Day 2018: America’s 10 Coolest Record Shops

Today is National Vinyl Record Day! With record sales rising, record stores won’t be going away anytime soon. Let’s celebrate National Vinyl Record Day by taking a look at 10 of America’s coolest record shops.

1. A-1 Record Shop: NYC

This record shop is just the place for the record collector and East Village wanderer. A-1 employees are a crew of New York Music historians who can help you choose awesome records. Their stock includes vinyl from many decades, including old-school hip-hop, disco and newer releases. They also have an awesome in-house label called L.I.E.S.

2. Aquarius Records: San Francisco, CA

In this record shop, you’ll find the best parts of San Fran’s counterculture roots. This shop opened in 1970 as a punk rock breeding ground in particular. The staff will happily gush with you over new and old releases alike.

3. Amoeba Music: Los Angeles, CA

In this record shop you’ll find something for literally anyone. The size of this record shop is massive: it’s an entire city block worth of records. If you want to narrow down their selection, their website has an awesome feature called “What’s In My Bag” where you can get a list of some awesome records.

4. Bop Street Records: Seattle, WA

Bop was opened in 1979 and before that the owner sold rare blues records for five years in his basement. The inventory is rumored to carry over half a million records. It is a dream for the jazz-lover as it has a dedicated jazz room.

5. Rough Trade NYC: Brooklyn, NY

This impressive two-story record shop includes a cafe, full bar and cool art-installation spaces. The selection here is amazing, including every new release along with some collector’s box sets and releases exclusive to Rough Trade.

6. Waterloo Records: Austin, TX

This record stop is just the place for Texas music fans. It has a huge stock of releases from Austin bands and bestselling charts. They also have many in-store performances so you may even spot one on your stop by.

7. Pegasus Records: Florence, AL

This record shop can be found across from the Tennessee River. It’s a small record shop that has all of the Southern charm. You can get in on some of the local sounds and you may even catch a live blues or folk show.

8. Louisiana Music Factory: New Orleans, LA

This store has been around since 1992 and was one of the first record stores to reopen after Hurricane Katrina. It’s recently relocated to jazz-lined Frenchmen Street where the neighborhood’s liveliness often spills into the shop.

9. In Your Ear!: Boston, MA

This record shop lies close to the Paradise Rock Club. This shop has some of the world’s finest used records, tapes and 8-tracks. This shop’s tight fit gives it a cozy feeling.

10. Princeton Record Exchange: Princeton, NJ

This record shop has a knack for hunting down unique collections and has a small-town mentality so no snottiness here. the employees are a part of the experience, as many of them have worked there for over a decade.

Happy National Vinyl Record Day! We hope you’ve just found your next favorite record store. Happy shopping!

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