Jax Taylor From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Got Involved In Kourtney Kardashian’s Breakup Drama





Yes, that headline is correct. It’s not a strange pop culture mad lib. Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules has inserted himself in the Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima breakup drama.

Jax Taylor was in the gym working out. The former SUR bartender has recently lost 30 pounds, so it’s not shocking he’s been hitting the gym. But at his recent gym session, Taylor ran into a new gym goer, Bendjima.

He took a creeper mirror shot of him and Bendjima, who was sitting on a machine and posted it to his Instagram story. His caption on the picture was anything less than savage.

“When kourtney kardashian umps you and you have to slum it like the rest of us At a normal gym. 🤣 no more figi diamond water either. Got to drink that smart water now.”


If you still didn’t get the post, Taylor provided emojis pointing to Bendjima.

This post is great because first off, Jax has nothing to do with the breakup at all. The only thing he could have said to Bendjima is that his former boss Lisa Vanderpump is friends with Kyle Richards, who is BFF with Kris Jenner, who birthed your ex-girlfriend.

Second, Taylor’s horrendous grammar. Anyone who is a fan of Pump Rules knows that Taylor isn’t the smartest of the bunch, But for those who aren’t, I bet seeing Fiji spelled with a G was alarming. Let’s not even get to the random and incorrect capitalization.

Third, Taylor’s post is truly savage. There is no denying that Bendjima wouldn’t be casually working out at a regular people’s gym if he still had Kardashian on his arm. It’s doubtful he was the one fronting the money for their yacht vacations.

Bendjima’s regular gym session is a far cry to Kardashian’s recent stint at a lavish spa.


Maybe Bendjima will come over to the dark side of Bravo TV and start working at SUR.

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