NowThisIsLiving’s Top 10 Videos To Watch

Youtube channel NowThisIsLiving was created back in 2009 by Shannon Beveridge. Shannon is a 26-year-old LGBTQ+ activist who decided to share her life on the internet. Even though she started her channel in 2009, she wasn’t very consistent with uploading until 2012, which is when her channel really took off.

Shannon has uploaded videos on coming out, being a lesbian in Greek life, daily vlogs, challenge videos and everything in between. She was the real first lesbian YouTuber who caught the attention of millions of people.

NowThisIsLiving has well over 600 thousand subscribers, and her videos have reached over 7 million views. Shannon has also won multiple YouTube awards like “Best LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel” at the Shorty Awards in 2017 and the “LGBTQ+ Celebrity Rising Star Award at the 2017 British LGBT Awards.

If you are new to NowThisIsLiving or want to see a list of some of her best uploads, check out these top 10 picks.

Coming Out 2016

Shannon Beveridge is one of the most influential LGBTQ, specifically lesbian YouTube channels out there. Of course, one of her most popular videos was her “Coming out” video.

She had posted a coming out video in 2014 as one of her first videos and then made this one two years later as like an updated version on her life and what she’s been up to since.

A Letter To You 2016

With almost 3 million views, “A Letter To You” was a video Shannon uploaded to bring awareness to those who are struggling with finding themselves and motivation to open up to those around you.

For everyone who can’t find the strength to come out as someone in the LGBTQ+ community, this video gave hope to them and showed them that there are people out there who feel the same way.

Why We Broke Up 2016

After years of dating girlfriend, Cammie Scott, Shannon and Cammie decided to call it quits. These two were an iconic couple for the lesbian community.

Instead of breaking up and keeping it private, the two decided to make a video on exactly why they split ways. It showed not only the LGBTQ+ community that breakups are normal but also anyone who is struggling with losing a loved one.

Lesbian Interviews Ex-Boyfriend 2018

With such an already catchy title, Shannon decided to do a Q&A with a high school ex-boyfriend.

This video showed people that everyone goes through different stages in their lives and well you never know exactly where life will take you.

My Ex-Girlfriend Called Me A Pillow Princess 2017

In this video, Shannon goes around the streets of Los Angeles and asks random people about LGBTQ+ terms and sayings. It’s light-hearted and informative at the same time.

A familiar face joins the video as Shannon runs into ex-girlfriend Cammie Scott while filming this video, you totally have to check this one out!

Truth Or Drink With My Ex 2018

As you can tell, there seems to be a theme of Shannon’s ex-girlfriend on her channel. In this video, they do a Q&A with an alcoholic twist. You can guess that this video gets quite interesting.

It Gets Better | From My Mom 2014

Another one of Shannon’s older videos, but none the less a powerful message for sure.

In this video, Shannon was planning on filming a Q&A with her mom but ended up uploading a very personal conversation about her coming out and how it was like between them.

Being Gay In A Sorority 2017

As controversial as the title of this video may sound, it was a door opening moment for many LGBTQ+ people who were a part of Greek life in college.

Shannon gets candid about her experience from not being out to finally coming out and everything in between all while being in a sorority in college.

Your Life Is Worth Living 2018

In May of 2018, Mental Health Awareness Month, Shannon partnered up with SeizeTheAwkward and created a video for mental health awareness.

In a year where mental health awareness was much needed, she decided to be another voice for those who were/are struggling with themselves.

All By Myself 2016

In this video, Shannon is opening up about her recent breakup with Cammie Scott and what her life is like being single. From filming YouTube videos alone to moving on and everything else that people go through when they have a break-up.

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