8 Signs That You’re Completely Over Summer

Waiting for summer to arrive so you can shed your jackets/sweaters and be able to walk outside in just a t-shirt and bottoms is all you want. However, as the months pass by, it seems that it just gets hotter outside and you find yourself having to wear whatever won’t make you pass out.

Here are some easy signs that show you’re so done with summer.

The Heat Is Becoming Unbearable


Summer is the time of the year where no matter what you do, you will sweat like a pig. You get the urge of wanting to take more than one shower a day because one just doesn’t do you justice. Especially if you live in a place with high humidity, the dry air can feel suffocating and you can feel your hair shriveling up. All in all, the heat is no longer a friend anymore.

You Just Wanna Wear Sweaters


Nothing feels more comforting and simple in life than being able to slip on a sweater and walk outside. You seem to just stare at all of your comfy sweaters hanging in your closet with the desperation of wanting to pull it on and go anywhere you want. No worry though, the time will come and it will be the best feeling ever.

Watching Halloween Movies


Grabbing a blanket and snuggling onto your couch to binge on movies like Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. is all you could ever want in life. Watching them in the summer just isn’t the same which makes you just want Summer to end even more.

Your Air Conditioner is Running Up Your Bill


The moment you get home from being outside, all you want to crank up your AC and bask completely in it. But of course, that comes with consequences. The electricity bill is through the roof and getting through the summer with its heat waves without an AC, is impossible.

Feeling Tired All The Time


The heat, immense exposure to the sun and the freedom of being able to do whatever you wanted, just ended with you laying under your AC with Netflix and passing out. You just want to go out and do stuff but its just too hot and the energy to get out of your house to face the heat is just non-existent.

You’re Tired Of All The Sunburns


No matter how much sunscreen you seem to put on, you somehow end up going home with a burn. All you wanted to do was spend a relaxing day at the beach just to leave with a painful, red sunburn. Yeah, you’re over it.

Wanting To See Your Friends Again


It seems as if all summer, you really hadn’t seen or been in contact with friends. When it comes to vacations, being away from school, everyone’s busy schedules, all you want to do is meet up with your friends for some laughs and good times.

Wanting Your TV Shows To Come Back


Binging on Netflix or Hulu is fun and all, but you want something fresh and new of your favorite TV show. Some upcoming releases like American Horror Story, NarcosRiverdale, etc. you just can’t wait for some new, exciting material!

What are you most excited about for when summer finally ends?

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