How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Don’t listen to everyone telling you that long distance doesn’t work. Celebrities do it all the time and you can too! Long distance relationships are going to depend a lot on how much effort both people in the relationship put in. Follow these tips in order to survive the long weeks or months without your lover.

Don’t Force Communication

It is important to remember the difference between wanting to text someone and feeling obligated to. Of course communication is integral in a long distance relationship, however, it is best to speak with this person when you have the desire to in order to not mold your relationship with them into a chore. Rather than having guilt hang over you and texting them a surface level message, communicate with them when you have the authentic desire to interact with them. This will make your conversations more meaningful, and make meeting up with them in the future even more special.

Surprise them in small ways

If your significant other is in college, a great way to warm up to a long distance relationship is by surprising them by driving into their college town one weekend, or just mailing them a care package with some of their favorite things inside. Maybe you send them things on social media that make the both of you laugh throughout the day just to remind them that you’re thinking about them. Maybe you like to create art and you send them a collage of the two of you or you mail them their favorite brand of hot chocolate when winter comes around.

Set fair boundaries

It’s important to know how things are going to be in order to avoid any future misunderstandings. Maybe you and your significant other want to talk about your schedules and how often you’ll be able to talk with each other, maybe you want to let them know the things that you do when you’re away like going to parties so that you can avoid any potentially tense surprises. Whatever your schedule is like away from them, it could be important to let them know in advance so that hurt feelings and misconstrued messages can be avoided.

Keep up with something together

Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t have to be all tearful phone calls and lamenting declarations of how much you miss them (although both of those are likely to occur eventually). Try to make it a tolerable and interesting experience for the two of you! Maybe you can both keep up with a new show on Netflix and go over your own theme analysis on the phone. Maybe you can take up letter writing and treat it like a subscription service and be delighted to receive their weekly letter in the mail every Friday.

Try to plan ahead

Try to come up with ideas for dates when you see each other and plan the heck out of them! Make them super dates and plan what your days will be like when you visit each other. Also, try to designate weekends in advance and keep in mind which weekends you may have heavy workloads and which weekends you can have romantic getaway dates with your long distance partner.

Have your own routine outside of them

It’s important to still enjoy life outside of missing your significant other. Get out there and learn new things! Find new hobbies and improve yourself internally so that when you see them next you’ll be an even better version of you! Make sure to still find joy out of life without them so that you can remain independent and not have your entire world revolve around someone else.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself or them

Long distance relationships are going to have the ups and downs just like any normal relationship, however with the added stressor of distance. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your significant other for things to work out perfectly. Try to stay in the moment and not beat yourself up about forgetting to call them if you have an important test the next day and vice versa. It’s important to make an effort, however, no one is perfect and there may be some small mistakes or misunderstandings along the way.

Overall, your long distance relationship is going to depend on your feelings over time as well as how much effort you put in to make things work. If both people in the relationship are mutually trying their best then there is nothing to worry about. Don’t listen to the naysayers and enjoy this new and interesting experience with your significant other!

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