These Temp Dorms At Purdue University Will Leave You Shocked

This week Purdue’s independent student newspaper, Purdue Exponent shared a photo of the school’s temporary dorms, and they look grim.

The paper posted pictures on their Instagram of what a few residence halls will look like this upcoming year. The photos show your standard dorm furniture, a twin XL bed, a desk, chair, closet and drawers. The only things the dorms don’t have are walls or doors.

The second photo in the gallery shows a vast space that is separated by the closets and drawers. The cabinets do not hit the ceiling. They’re not even close. It looks like a bunch of cubicles made out of form furniture. The set-up in the photos is just for display and won’t be in use. These size dorms are supposed to house eight to 10 students.

People are not happy with the auxiliary housing situation.

The makeshift dorm rooms will be in the basements and study lounge of residence halls.

The vice provost for student life at Purdue, Beth McCuskey talked to BuzzFeed News about the housing situation that has people upset. She explained that there is a high demand to live on campus, one that Purdue isn’t prepared to properly house.

“Every year we arrange for temporary spaces and typically have 100 spaces that are used,” McCuskey told BuzzFeed.

She went on to explain how every year there are students who are supposed to live on campus but then “simply don’t show up.” Then they’ll place someone from the temporary dorms in that no-show’s dorm.

McCuskey said the students placed in the larger eight to 10 makeshift dorms are the first on the list.

However, this year Purdue’s student to dorm ratio is way off. The university admitted 500 more students than they anticipated. Purdue’s over admittance of residents is causing a huge problem with students.

Housing at college isn’t cheap, and these students are paying for a dorm room but instead are sleeping in a dorm cubicle.

Twitter user @dmariiiee who is a Purdue album tweeted out the makeshift dorm photos and dragged Purdue for their “shared open space.”

Her tweet went viral and let’s say people are less than thrilled about this living situation.

What do you think about the makeshift dorms?

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