Rihanna Literally Ducked During A Wedding Bouquet Toss & It’s Hilarious

Rihanna took time out of her crazy schedule being Rihanna, to attend her best friend’s wedding in Barbados. Her friend Sonita was getting married and Rihanna was a bridesmaid for the nuptials.

She posted a cute boomerang of the two in their labeled silk robes.


She followed up the boomerang with a selfie of her and Sonita and their makeup looks flawless.


Rihanna only shared those two posts at the wedding, but fortunately for us, videos and photos from the wedding have been slowly being posted on the internet.

One video, in particular, is hilarious. It shows Rihanna during the wedding party literally DUCKING when her BFF tossed her wedding bouquet into the crowd.


For those not familiar with why this is petty, funny and quintessentially Rihanna. During weddings, a tradition is that the bride throws her bouquet into the crowd of typically eager females. With her back towards the group, she tosses the bundle of flowers over her head and whoever catches the bouquet is destined to get married next.

But when Rihanna’s friend tossed the bouquet into the crowd Rihanna ducked, not wanting to have any part in the possibility of being the next to get hitched.


This comes days after supposedly Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel broke up. A source told MTO News that she broke up with him because “she gets tired of men sometimes.”

Okay, same Rihanna. No wonder she’s ducking during the bouquet toss.

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