10 College Myths You Shouldn’t Pay Mind To As a Freshman

Your first year in college is a nerve-wracking yet exciting experience that you will only experience once in your life. Whether you commute to school or live on campus, being in a different environment than you’re used to can take some adjusting. However, before entering college, you have these expectations you start placing on how things will go, what will happen and how everything will turn out especially through things people tell you. Sadly, not all the things that you think are going to happen, will happen.

Here are a few college myths spread to incoming college freshman.

Being BFFs With Your Roommate

There’s a slight chance that sometimes, you just won’t get along with your roommate or you see them more as a living partner than a close friend. Just because you live with someone, doesn’t mean that you constantly have to be with them or do everything with them. College is about meeting new people, so do just that!

Being Undecided Is Seen As Odd

Some people know what they want to study for all the years they plan on attending college and some… just don’t. Everyone finds their path differently and it doesn’t have to be planned out right when you’re applying to college. Fall in love with some classes and it’ll lead you in the right direction.

Everyone Graduates After 4 Years

The four-year plan at first seems easy enough, but once you’re there, things can change. Everyone goes at their own pace and your degree doesn’t have to be a race. Do what you have to do whenever you feel ready.

First Year is The Hardest Year

If you go into college thinking it’s going to be the hardest year ever, news flash, you are still just freshman and although most colleges workloads are different, you’ll find yourself transitioning sometimes slowly, but surely. Absorb everything and don’t stress out too much. It is one of the first years you’re out on your own so take advantage!

College Is The Most Important Years Of Your Life

Everyone has a different college experience and there’s no way of telling how it’s going to be before you are even in it. It’s just the beginning!

Studying Every Chance You Get

You don’t have to be crunching down on work all the time. You’ll know when you have to study and when its crunch time, but it won’t be every day during every bit of your free time. Enjoy your freshman year instead of keeping to yourself and keeping your heads in the books.

College Is Just Like The Movies

Binging on rom-com films based around college life is always enjoyable and exciting to watch. However, don’t build yourself up like this is how your college life and experience will be like. Every school, class, professor, friends, etc are different. Make sure you build your college career on your terms and not a Hollywood movie.

Everyone Is Loving College, Forget Home!

With a new chapter in your life to help you grow as a young adult, does not mean you completely forget about home including any family like mom and dad. It’s normal to feel a little lost, confused and anxious throughout your first year and wanting some guidance from someone who knows you best will really put your mind at ease.

You’ll Know Who You Are By The Time You Graduate 

Yeah but no. Of course, you’ve probably changed a lot throughout your four years, but you’re still so young and have so much more to experience as a college graduate as you step into the real world. You probably won’t fully know who you are by the end of college but that’s okay! You have your whole 20’s ahead of you to make mistakes, grow and learn.

Once You Have A Major, That Will Be Your Forever Career Field

Your field of study is imprinted in your degree but that doesn’t mean it dictates every step of your life after college. Your degree can be a step in the right direction and then lead you completely somewhere else. You just might end up in a completely different field and love it even more.

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