NikkieTutorials’ Top 10 Videos You Must-Watch

NikkieTutorials is a classic in the YouTube community, particularly the YouTube beauty community or beauty guru community. Her full name is Nikkie de Jager. The Dutch makeup artist started making videos on YouTube in 2008, but she gained popularity in 2015 after her “The Power of Makeup” video went viral, inspiring many people to show their faces without makeup.

She has collaborated with numerous beauty brands, such as Too Faced, Ofra and Maybelline. But those opportunities have not strayed her away from still making successful YouTube videos.

Her videos consist of tutorials, product reviews and beauty challenges which she will often put a spin on. All of this along with her uplifting and positive personality makes for great content.

Let’s take a look at some of her best YouTube videos.

This is the viral video that gained Nikkie her popularity. She cakes one half of her face in makeup and leaves the other bare, showing just the power that makeup can have on someone’s face. The message isn’t that the side with the makeup is “better” but that both sides are beautiful.

In this video, Nikkie takes a trip down memory lane by doing the “How I Did My Makeup In High School Challenge.” You’ll see just how dramatically makeup trends and Nikkie’s makeup skills have changed since she was in high school.

In this video, Nikkie recreates her “Power of Makeup” tutorial on Kim Kardashian with an intense smokey eye. Nikkie and the Kardashian also share conversations about life, makeup, beauty and their respective careers.

Nikkie prefers dramatic makeup looks in her tutorials and daily life, but she took the opportunity to try to create a natural makeup look on herself. The end result is gorgeous and you can gain some ideas on how to do your look from this tutorial.

In this video, you truly get to see the skill of Nikkie’s makeup artistry in which she recreates the look of Wonder Woman. And she doesn’t just do that, but she uses her skill to make herself look like the cartoon version.

In this video, Nikkie does her makeup using only her mother’s makeup. You also get a bit of a look into her home life before the tutorial starts and the products that her mom loves.

Another video where you get to see the amazing skill that Nikkie has with makeup to create this pulled up skin look.

Nikki is a huge fan of Adele, so she took the liberty to make a tutorial based on Adele’s makeup. The end result is gorgeous!

In this video, Nikkie reviews the Clarisonic Makeup Brush. The end result is surprising.

This last video is the epitome of strange YouTube beauty challenges. Using a fork in your beauty routine doesn’t really make sense (or is even safe) but Nikkie somehow makes it work.

Happy watching!

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