Must-See Tips For College Freshmen On Scheduling Classes

One of the most overwhelming things about preparing for college can be scheduling your classes. Where and when you should take your classes can be stressful to figure out, but also who should you choose to be your professor? There are so many questions that you might be the only person who can figure out the answer. If you’re feeling the pressure, here are some tips on how to schedule your first classes as a freshman in college!

Know When You Work Best

Knowing when you are the most productive and attentive is extremely important in college. You don’t want to end up taking an 8 AM class if you work best at night or in the afternoon. Because you’re trying to succeed and do well, it’s best to think about when you will be ready to soak up information and take the best notes. Don’t avoid night classes if you’re extremely active and awake around that time, and the same goes for morning classes! Do what feels right for you!

Leave Room In Your Schedule For Potential Jobs And Internships

We’re not saying you should start sending out resumes and preparing for a job as soon as classes start, but having extra cash in your pocket or gaining experience in the field you want to work in can’t hurt! Try scheduling all of your classes on certain days of the week, and leave some days open for work!

Don’t Take Weekend Classes During Your First Semester

If you have a job prior to scheduling your classes for college, then taking a weekend class may be a good idea. If that is not the case, we suggest refraining from taking them during your freshman year. Weekend classes can be extremely annoying because your brain is not usually ready for work on the weekends so you might not be ready to pay attention to the fullest because you’re only thinking of going back home or hanging out with your friends. If you want to try a weekend class, we suggest getting adjusted to college during your first semester, and give them a try during your next semester!

Pick Smaller Class Sizes For Harder Courses

You might immediately think of going to lecture halls when you think of college, but a smaller classroom is great for your more difficult classes. Because a lecture hall can have at least 40 students in one class, it can be hard to get your professor’s attention if you’re having trouble within the class. It can also be easy to slack off and be on your phone, or just not show up because your professor won’t notice. Because of this, if you’re signing up for a class that you think you might have trouble in or might be difficult, try a smaller class size so you can get your questions answered easily and have a much less stressful time talking to your professor.

Research Your Professors

You have probably heard it a million times by now, but we cannot stress enough how convenient it is to research the professors for the class you’re taking! When signing up for classes, it’s so easy to go on a site like¬†and see how students enjoy the professors at your school, as well as how much you use the textbook, and how easy or difficult their tests are. A great professor can make or break how much you enjoy a class, so we suggest that you take a look at what real students are saying about the faculty before committing to a certain class.

Try An Online Or Hybrid Course

Online and hybrid courses are great for students with a bit of anxiety about large classrooms, working students, or, let’s be honest, students that don’t really feel like getting up to go out every day. As a freshman, if you’re thinking of trying mostly online courses, at least put in one hybrid course to get a feeling for how the classrooms at your school feel. College is a time for experimenting, so trying new ways of learning can be extremely fun, and help you find out how and when you are most productive!

Don’t Start Off With A Heavy Course Load

We cannot stress this enough! College is something totally new, and schools can be way more rigorous than high school, so six classes in your first semester might be a bit much! We suggest starting off your college career with four classes for your first semester to test things out. We know that there are lots of exciting classes to take, and a lot of courses you want to get out of the way, but we promise that starting off your college experience with a boatload of work is not the way to go.

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