Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex-Boyfriend Younes Bendjima Punches A Man In Front Of Drake

Today in weird pop culture mad libs, we have Kourtney Kardashian’s recent ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima on tape punching a man in front of Drake and Odell Beckham Jr.

Seriously, what is happening?

TMZ has footage of the heartbroken model beating up a man outside of Delilah’s, a nightclub in West Hollywood where Kylie Jenner threw her lavish 21st birthday party. The now released footage isn’t recent, it is from March 2018.

The video shows a group of people, including Bendjima, Drake and Beckham, leaving the club through the back door. The man who inevitably gets punched in the face is in the front and opens the door for the crowd. TMZ claims that the man is an employee at the club. He appears to say something to the group that sets the whole thing off. Bendjima, who is also in the front, lunges at the guy and hits him in the face.

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Drake who is the back sees the whole thing unfold and doesn’t get involved. Security steps in front of the rapper preventing him from getting injured or joining in. Honestly, it looks like Drake doesn’t want to be involved at all.

Beckham isn’t even there when the fighting starts. He eventually shows up and is kept from getting involved by security.

TMZ’s source who was there for the fight said the employee “talked smack” when he was opening the door. The employee filed a police report, but changed his mind and didn’t press charges.

They say the video is from March 24 at 2:15 A.M.

Bendjima has yet to comment on the video.

He and Kourtney broke up in July 2018 after their three-week yacht vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. He supposedly cheated on Kourtney right after their vacation, which caused the mom of three to dump him.

Supposedly long distance also aided in the ending of their relationship.

“Younes was always supposed to be a rebound,” a source told People after they broke up. “Kourtney doesn’t play games. She seems okay with [the breakup].”

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