Happy National Dog Day! Here Are 10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

National Dog Day falls on August 26th and to celebrate this very important day we broke down 10 reasons dogs are way better than humans (but you already knew that). So read on for a reminder why your good boy or girl is truly the best.

If you do not already have a furry friend be sure to check out your local animal shelters to adopt your new best friend.

1. They Are Always Happy To See You

2. They Will Never Complain About Your Cooking

3. They Are Great Athletes

4. Even When They Make Mistakes, They Are Adorable

5. They Just Want You To Be Happy

6. They Are Hard Workers

7. They Put Up With Your Human Nonsense

8. They Are Great Listeners

9. They LOVE To Cuddle

10. They Will Never Judge Or Criticize You

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