How To Create A Self-Care Routine That Sticks

We believe that you should spend some time on yourself once a week, but that can be kind of hard to do. Because self-care isn’t all face masks, yoga, and drinking green tea, like Instagram might lead you to believe, it can be hard to create a routine of self-care that you can practice often with your busy life. Not only that, it can sometimes even be hard to find one that you want to stick with, and includes things that you feel like doing! So, here are some ways to create a routine of self-care that can be simple enough for you to fit into your daily life!

Keep Your Activities Simple

Your routine for taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be as elaborate as you think. Taking a nap on a day off or going to bed earlier on the weekends are small things you can give your mind a break from thinking about projects you have to do, or large amounts of stress you have going on in your life. Making a whole green smoothie or getting your nails done might be complicated or expensive. (Because honestly, who truly wants to wake up extra early to make a smoothie before school?) So try and keep your routine as simple as possible.

Do Things You Enjoy

If you’re not the type to stay inside eating quinoa and using bath bombs, those aren’t the things you have to do to have a good relationship with yourself. Do your makeup and put on a cute outfit and go for a walk and listen to music, or even if you’re staying inside. Go on a hike on the weekends and be outdoors, cooking a food that you like, or learn a new skill by yourself or with your friends if that’s what you enjoy! Self-care doesn’t have to be a non-stop “Treat Yo Self” adventure of pampering and spending lots of money either! If cleaning relaxes you, deep clean your house or apartment! Don’t feel pressured to do things that are more traditionally seen as self-care if you aren’t interested in them.

Find A Place In Your Personal Space For Self Care

Whether it’s your bathroom, your bedroom, or your kitchen, dedicate a certain place in your home for self-care. This will help you feel calmer when you enter that space in your house, so it is easier for you to want to relax. For example, try making your bedroom a place of relaxation. That means, no doing work in your room, and trying to make your room look and feel as relaxing as possible. Try lighting candles with a scent you like, or, if you live in a place that doesn’t allow open flames, try an automatic air freshener. Change your sheets often to keep them feeling fresh, and free your room of clutter if that’s something that bothers you. This will give you a feel of instant relaxation whenever you enter your room and will help you feel motivated to actually perform self-care for yourself!

Pre-Plan Your Self-Care

Pre-planning things in your life makes things a lot easier! We plan out beach trips, grocery shopping, and sometimes even laundry days, so why not pre-plan when you can dedicate some time to take care of yourself! Set aside time each week to take care of yourself, and do whatever you need to feel a bit better about yourself. This way, you don’t have to wait until you have free time, and you don’t have to feel guilty about taking time out of your regular work schedule to create time for yourself! If you can pre-plan most of the things in your life, why decide now to be spontaneous about self-care?

Turn Off Or Ignore Your Electronics

It is extremely hard to want to take care of yourself, and spend time on bettering yourself if your phone is constantly blowing up. Alerts from Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and your friends texting you can be insanely distracting when you’re trying to write in a journal or going biking and can tempt you to give up altogether. It can be hard to spend time alone, and on yourself, so turn your phone, computer, tablet, etc. on silent, or Do Not Disturb, and make sure your friends and family know you’re unplugging so you don’t come back to a million calls and texts from your mom wondering where you are.

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