5 Dorm Room Traditions To Start With Your Roommates

Living with another person in your space can be tough, but contrary to those Lifetime movies on TV, not everyone has to hate their college roommate. Believe it or not, you can actually become quite good friends with the people you live with it, and it’s actually easier than you might think. One thing I wish my freshman year roommates had done was have a few dorm room traditions that we can all look forward to, whether it was on a weekly basis or monthly basis. I definitely think we all would’ve gotten to know and like each other better if we at least decided to eat dinner together Friday nights or do Netflix movie nights once a month. Traditions like these can help you bond with your roommates and create friendships. Here are some ideas that are easy to execute.

1. Game Night

Break out those board games for a relaxing way to spend a Friday night in your dorm room—unless you’re playing Monopoly, that is! Gather your roomies for a few hours of snacks and card games, and you can even invite other friends too. You don’t need to buy anything special if you already have board games from home. And even if you don’t, your residence hall RA staff probably has some board games you can borrow (saving money is always a plus!)

2. DIY Saturday Morning Brunch

You know those girls who always have a pancake piece on the end of their fork and a weekend brunch selfie-ready to post? Sounds nice but let’s be real here, eating out every weekend is expensive and probably not something college students want to do regularly.

Turn your breakfast woes into a party by getting together with your roommates to make your own brunch. You can do microwave mug cakes if you don’t have a ton of time and want minimal cleanup, or you can have a full-on cooking fest with scrambled eggs, pancakes, and toast.

3. Friday Night Face Masks

I mean, everyone needs a little TLC, right? You can even take it one step further and make your own face masks together. It’s a quick and easy roomies-only activity that you can use to de-stress and talk about each others’ days. You can even throw in manis and pedis and some episodes of BuzzFeed Unsolved on someone’s laptop—a.k.a., my favorite way to spend a Friday night with my roommates!

4. Study Hour

Okay, okay, I guess part of college means actually studying and doing work, so why not make it a little more fun with some company? It can be hard to make time to hang out with your roommates when everyone is so busy and bogged down with assignments and exams to study for, but this way you can share some quality time while actually getting your work done.

Create a study time for you and your roommates one day week where everyone congregates in the living room or study lounges—snacks, blankets, headphones, and all—and cracks open those textbooks. Your friends and your GPA will thank you.

5. Gameday Power Hour

If you and your roommates love going to football and basketball games on your campus, turn every game into an experience. It doesn’t need to be full-blown homecoming weekend in your dorm room, but doing small things like painting each others’ faces or doing nail art to support the team before a game can make things so much more exciting.

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