Grace Helbig Boyfriends 2021: Who Is Grace Helbig Dating Now?

If you’re someone that prefers to cuddle up and watch a comedy rather than sob your eyes out, Grace Helbig has you covered. Helbig often keeps it creative and light-hearted on and off her YouTube channel. After all, her superficial interview podcast with Jack Ferry is literally called, “Not Too Deep With Grace”. Helbig’s humor adds a charming touch to the content she creates.

The 32-year-old was born in Woodbury, New Jersey on September 27th, 1985. She uploaded her first YouTube web series, “Bedtime Stories”, in 2008. Her rise to internet fame continued to soar beyond YouTube. Helbig currently co-hosts the YouTube series, “This Might Get”, alongside her best friend, fellow YouTuber and New York Times best-selling author, Mamrie Hart.

She also hosted The Grace Helbig Show, which aired on E! Cable network back in 2015. This weekly comedic talk show showcases Helbig’s same laid-back nature seen in her YouTube videos. She chats with her friends about pop culture. Other YouTubers and celebrity guests join in on the discussions as well.

Chester See 2014-2016

Speaking of other YouTubers, Chester See is another YouTube personality that has crossed paths with Grace Helbig. True Disney Channel fans will remember Chester See’s fame breakout when he became the host of Disney 365. From there, he went on to star in and become the executive producer of Side Effects for AwesomenessTV. Unlike Helbig’s channel, Chester See chose to share his musical talent on his personal YouTube channel, including original songs & cover songs as well as a variety of sketches.

After Grace Helbig and Chester See ended their relationship, they ended it on a humorous note. Their YouTube collab on both of their channels, titled, “Can Exes Be Friends?” And “Can Exes Talk About Seeing Other People?” still let fans know not every relationship has to have a dramatic split.

Helbig has never gone too deep and personal with her dating history. However, she has been more open than ever with her viewers. Especially, since forming a more serious relationship over the past year.

The Grace Helbig Chester See relationship aka #Grester was well-known to the public but what about her current relationship? Who is Grace Helbig dating now? Whether her relationships are with fellow YouTubers or not, her boyfriends and exes tend to make appearances on her channel.

Brooks Patrick Wheelan 2017-2018

Grace Helbig and Brooks Patrick Wheelan are not just a power couple, they are power comedians. No, seriously. Brooks Patrick Wheelan is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. He was also a cast member on Saturday Night Live for the 2013–2014 season. Helbig may not be a professional comedian but she knows how to use her wit to win over her viewers. Not to mention, her YouTube channel has nearly three million subscribers.

At this point, the answer to “who is Grace Helbig dating?” is no puzzle. You can see Wheelan in several of Helbig’s videos where she refers to him as her “boyfriend” in the title. The two have been going steady throughout 2018.

Chester 2019-Present

The current boyfriend of Grace Helbig is Chester See who is a singer, actor, and YouTuber.

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